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Hello everyone! I know it’s always the same people who talk on here. You may remember me, I’m Toothless’ mom, I was on here for a while discussing my little guys prolaps and coccidia. Good news he’s doing amazing no more problems and he’s getting BIGGG. But I recently found out I might not be giving the correct calcium? And I was just wondering if everyone could give me their recommended kinds and brands of regular calcium and vitamin supplements? I feed dubia roaches and BSFL as my primary feeders dusting calcium 1-3 times a week and I give him daily salads (endive and kale most of the time) and I always dust some bee pollen on the top! So if there is anything you feel I should add let me know! Thank you! (Also attacked a photo of my big man) :)


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I've gone through a few different brands. Plain calcium and calcium with D3. Zoo Med, Exo Terra, Rep Cal, and Arcadia brands. Zoo Med and Exo Terra came with small scoopers which was nice. All but Arcadia came in plastic tubs, Arcadia is in a bag which is a bit in convenient.

What I find I like the most for calcium is Arcadia with magnesium. Magnesium is also crucial for bone health and shedding skin and my beardies (two now) both can be difficult eaters at times so I have to worry they aren't getting enough magnesium through vegetation.

I do like Exo Terra multivitamin because it comes with the perfect little spoon scoop. So convenient. But I think I'll keep the spoon and try the Arcadia multivitamin next. Every multivitamin smells and tastes weird that I've tried which includes Rep Cal Herptivite and Exo Terra. Human multivitamin also smells and tastes awful so that might just be my human senses thinking it's bad tasting. I've added Dubias Dust to multivitamin days because it smells good and tastes like grass (made from mostly alfalfa) - it's dried microgreens with no vitamins added just whatever nutrients are in the greens in a dried form

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