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i guess i can put this here do dragons need calcium with or without d3 in it.i read on another site that they need it withought. them people dont seem to know anything. i have zoo med repti calcium with and without d3 the one with d3 shows a pictures of a beardie and the other doesnt im lost whats going on here

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I *believe* that if you have a regular UVB light you need WITH D3 and if you have an MVB (mercury vapor bulb) you need WITHOUT D3... Hopefully someone can confirm this.


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Just for good measure I will confirm what the other posters have already said... With the type of light you have... w/D3. In the future, should you ever change over to an MVB bulb, you will need to use the calcium w/o D3.

I believe in reinforcements (especially for good information) :D
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