Calci worms and Black Soldier flies. Help!

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Hey so... I bought a 1000 pack of calci worms the other week. My beardie has been off his food the past week due to a parasite infection which is now being treated. My problem is that a lot of the larvae have turned into soldier flies! I have no idea what to do with them as I am in the UK and on the box it says something like "Do not release into the wild. Not native to UK". I can hear them buzzing/trying to fly all night, they're so creepy :(

Is there any way that I can get them out somehow and continue feeding the worms? I don't want them to go to waste as it was such a large number and they're so expensive to buy here in the UK :(

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Phoenix Worms are another brand name for black soldier fly larvae. They're a great treat. My guy loves the flies. They're pretty slow and clumsy as far as flies go so they're easy to catch. I just grab them in my hand or just hold out the open container and offer them that way. He's usually quick to nab them. If one gets away I just track it (not usually very far) and pinch it and offer it that way. Like I said, easy to catch.


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Oh I didn't realise they could eat the flies too! There's just quite a lot of them and they creep me out haha! But I will try that tomorrow! Thanks! :)
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