Cage ideas?

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I was wondering if you guys could let me in on how you built your cage, I am attempting to build my new one and it is big and i am just stuck. Any help would be great!!


if you have a spare unused room or a space under youre stairs you could turn that into a room for ur iguana. you could fit a glass door insteat of a wooden one if you use a room


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We have custom Habitats for both of our Iguanas. This is Ig Monster's habitat, it measures 6.5 ft high, 5 ft wide and 4 ft deep. Her "tree" is PVC pipe wrapped in carpet.


And this is Brain's habitat. His is same height and width, but only 3 ft deep. His looks a little different on the inside now, I have painted the background since these pics were taken, just havent taken updated pics.



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And a piece of advise that I just thought of. We made ours to come apart in several pieces (with bolts). This way it is easy to move if needed.
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