Bye, bye brumation! Pg 81 funny story and vid's.

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Oh Barb I am so sorry :cry:


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Oh Barb I am so sorry to hear about Bender. I know how hard you were trying with that little man. You were a winderful mommy so don't beat yourself up. He is out of pain now and running with all of our little ones.I am sure somewhere they are together and happy. I really do believe that!((((Hugs))))

beardie osk

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With all that's going on, this is such a blow, I'm so sorry Barb for your loss of little Bender, I know you tried to nurse him back to health, your such a good mom, please know that in your heart, we all love you, please pm me if I can do anything for you............... and we'll miss you little Bender, rest in peace my friend.


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There really isn't anything I can say that hasn't already been said.

I am so sorry that Bender is no longer with you. I know how much you loved him.

Big spiky beardie hugs from North Dakota.


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Thanks everyone...I'd gotten so upset that I forgot to come back and thank everyone that posted in this thread.
I guess I just need some time to cry before responding. :cry:
Again thank you all for all the kind words and hugs!

Robin, long time no see stranger...thank-you, he is missed very much. :cry: :cry: :cry:
I hope you and your's are all doing well.


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We are doing OK Barb. Tony is working 17 hour days in the oilfields and for me, th hospital never sleeps and it seems like I am always there.

My crew is doing good... Hercules weighs a whopping 737 grams and is still shedding about every other week.

I saw my old thread locked... I may just start a new one... the old one has too many memories of Dude and Sweetie-Boo.

Gotta go get ready for work... the sick people of Minot await :mrgreen:

fresnowitte Sicko
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Hey everyone I desperately need your help pickin' out some pic's for the calendar.
I've taken and looked at so many pic's they are all a blurr to me. :(











PVT Blaze










Miss Piggy





Ms. Tiggs


Itty Bitty

Obviously I have a couple of beardies that are left out when it comes to pic's I've I have to still
try to get a few more of Itty Bitty, Tiggs, Miss Piggy, and Checkers.

Please help me pick.


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awesome pictures! here are my votes on which to use:

roux - 2 and 4
flame - 1 and 3
pvt blaze - 1 and 6
rd - 1 and 4
miss piggy - definitely like the 2nd one
checkers - 1 and 2
ms. tiggs - both of them are great.
itty bitty - haha, that one's awesome :)

beardie osk

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Oh my word Barb, I love them all, but I went with my first impression and listed them in the order of 1st and 2nd choice.

Roux: #4, #2

Flame #5, #2

Blaze #6, #3

RD #1, #3

Miss Piggy #1

Checkers #2 #1

Ms Tiggs #2, #1

and of course, Itty Bitty, love that pic! Hope that helps..............(((((((HUGS)))))))

Goonie Sicko
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Here are my pics:

Roux - #2 (DSC02673.jpg) and 4th (DSC02051.jpg)
Flame - #2 (DSC03990.jpg) and 3rd (DSC02743.jpg)
PVT Blaze - 5th (DSC03972.jpg) and 6th (DSC02171.jpg)
RD - 2nd (DSC02676.jpg)
Miss Piggy - 2nd (DSC08071.jpg)
Checkers - 3rd (DSC04011.jpg)
Ms. Tiggs - 2nd (DSC06475.jpg)

I'll wait for the other pics of Itty Bitty to cast a vote.


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Okay, Barb, I'm just going with one of each, and hope it will help you with the tie breakers.

Roux - 2 She is just "ON" for this pic.
Flame - 5 I could also have gone with 2 for his personality, but his beard is Egyptian art in 5.
Blaze - 2 This is an unusual angle, he is bright and has the personality as well.
RD - 4 This is the clearest, active, and a great open mouth shot, not the usual angle.
Miss Piggy - 1 in all her glory!
Checkers - 2 Close-up, clear with personality.
Miss Tiggs - 2 Close-up, clear, beautiful!
As for Itty Bitty's photo, I don't know if it's the calendar shot, but it is certainly unusual :shock: and FUNNY!!!!! :laughhard:

I hope this helps! :love5:

fresnowitte Sicko
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Believe it or not all your inputs helps so much. :) Thank-you! :wink:

So for Roux it's unanimous #2 & down. :D Wheew!
I can submit those and get that out of the way. :D

Flame I had so many nice pic's on my other computer :banghead: ...but with what I have now I'm
leaning toward #2 & #5.

PVT Blaze, looks like #6 is a go, now just need to pick that second pic. I'm stuck between #2 & #5...though MaryAnn I kind of like that strange angle of #2. Though I kind of like #3 too.

RD, I like #4, but can not decide between #1 or #2. :roll:

Piggy, Checkers, & Tiggs I'm not to thrilled with any of those pic's much. ARG!!!!

An Itty Bitty is being difficult because she wants to sleep today. Though I did manage to get her up and outside for awhile to take a few pic's just need to transfer them to the computer from my camera to see if I like any of them.

Why must I be a procrastination queen? Why must I be sick when I only have a couple of days to get this done? And why is it that beardies either want to sleep or shed at calendar photoshoot time?

Gina I'm PMing you a question...I need help imagine that. :lol:

beardie parents Sicko
I realize this is late as I didn't get home until after 6pm and I just found this a couple of minutes ago, but I will give you my imput, Barbara,

Roux 1 & 2
Flame 1, 2 & 5
Blaze 3 & 6 are best but # 1 is good also
RD 1 & 3
Miss Piggy, both as there was only 2 to choose.
Checkers 1 & 3, although 2 is good also.
Ms Tiggs, I like the first one better than the second.


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Well Barb- Some I agree with others not. I liked almost all of the picts. Sorry, but I wouldn't go with any shot thet shows pre shed for a calender shot, (unless it is an exploding dragon shot!) :lol:

Roux- I really liked #5 in the salad dish- too cute! #3 is good too
Flame- Either 3 or 4 both look like he is laughing! :D
RD- I love #1 looks like she is laughing.
Blaze- I have to choose? :? OK, OK- #2, it's just an interesting shot, or #6 You rang?
Tiggs- #2 shows her colors
Checkers #3, Shows his personality.

Like you I think I'll wait on a few more choises for Itty Bitty and Miss Piggy. Would like a couple more of Tiggs to chose from too. Where are Z-n-W, On their thread?

Sandy H
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