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So I was directed to this site from many websites and I wanted to know if it was a good idea to buy crickets in this way? As of now I buy them from the pet store and I go every day because Pip really likes to eat....He eats 20 crickets in like 2 minutes. Anyway I am spending 5 US dollars everytime I buy crickets in the pet store and its getting expensive. The 5 dollars gets me 48 crickets. I can buy them in incriments of 250 (8.50) 500 (9.00) 1000(10.50) I read online that bearded dragons appetites only increase. So here is the website Tell me your thoughts. =D


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Beardie appetite decrease as they get older, they move from 70% Crix AND 30%veg... and then move to 70% Veg AND 30% crix..
I buy mine 1000 bulk offline very week and they seems to go alot further than small boxes from the pet shop


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Yes, you definitely want to buy in bulk. Just make sure you have a good sized enclosure to house your crickets. Check out the Feeders discussion board. Right now there is a topic near the top showing pictures of feeder bins, and another topic regarding keeping crickets.

As Livey mentioned, Beardies will slow down on eating feeders as they reach adulthood. But it won't be so drastic that you won't use up your 500-1,000 crickets.

If you're in the Chicago area, check out Scott Smith's All Animal Expo You can get crickets and other feeders at very reasonable prices.


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Well are you saying like in a month he won't eat more than 40 crickets a day? And he started when I first got him at 10 a day and that was a month ago. He eats a lot of greens and crickets still pretty trim looking belly not fat. I am about an hour away from chicago so I don't know if I want to drive an hour just for some crickets but I'll check it out. Is that a pet store or just a place you can get feeders?


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No, next month could be even more. You wrote that you read beardie appetites only increase, but Livey and me were saying that your beardie's appetite will start to decrease as he gets into adulthood.

Keep in mind, too, that as your beardie grows, he can eat larger crickets, so the number might decrease but the volume increase.

The All Animal Expo is pretty much a reptile show, held twice a month, but there are also other animals besides reptiles. If you are looking for anything for your beardie, you could probably find it at the show. When I've gone, it's been more to take my kids to the show to see the animals, but we've always picked up something for the beardie.
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