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We've had a number of issues pop up in the past related to bad experiences people have with breeders or with vendors. tries to remain neutral in such issues, as we really can't know all the details or truths in issues that come up. In addition, we also discourage people from taking their issues with breeders or vendors into the public boards here. The reason being that it almost always spirals out of control, turns into something ugly, and builds a more negative culture in the community. And in the end, neither we or the other members of the site can be sure of what the truths and facts really are. With that in mind, we (the moderators and I) felt it best to come up with this sticky post to offer some tips and guidance on how to best protect themselves and how to handle issues they may have.

1. Do your research
While we do not like to have threads here that are just to complain about a transaction with a particular vendor or breeder, there are good resources out there to help you learn more about the experiences others have had with breeders or vendors. One very good resource is provided by Fauna Classifieds.
Good Guy Certification Forum
Board of Inquiry (BOI)

2. Protect your transaction
While it's understandable that not all vendors and breeders can support all payment methods, if at all possible, try to use payment methods that provide you (the buyer) with protection against fraud or misrepresentation. Using a credit card will help protect you. Credit cards have built-in consumer protection controls, where you can dispute a charge. Other payment services may have similar protections.

3. Providing feedback of your own / complaints
As topics designed to provide negative feedback about an experience almost always spiral out of control and turn very negative, is not the best place for such feedback. Complaints aimed at the vendor or breeder should be handled via PM/Conversation. We like the focus of the public forums to be more on the keepers and the care of the bearded dragons. Using a more central resource for complaints and feedback will help concentrate the general consumer opinion and more effectively help other consumers. We strongly recommend that such issues be brought out on the Fauna Classified BOI mentioned above.

4. Handling complete scams and illegal activity
While we do not want to be caught in the middle of disputes and questionable practices, we also do not want our members to be flat out exposed to people who are committing outright fraud or other illegal transactions. If you do encounter such an experience through someone on this site, please do not drag it into the public forums. This can often further complicate the issue. Instead, please report the issue either using the "Report" link below each post, or contact one of the moderators (or me) via PM/Conversation. The Report link is best, as all the mods and I are able to see those reports and respond.

Please remember that anyone can post For Sale threads here. cannot offer validity to the claims made by those posting items for sale. As with any online purchase, the buyer needs to be aware of the risks and take precautions to ensure their purchase goes smoothly.
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