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OK so we were finally going to buy bulk mice for our ball python. Personally I think he is big enough for small rats and he will take them some times. But seems to not like the size, so he is back to large or jumbo mice. I liked what I saw online, prices like 50 mice for $40 but then %53 worth of shipping charges?! Where do you buy your mice and what quantity do you buy and how much in total do you pay? Looking for any feedback I can get. Thank you in advance.


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Rodentpro comes to the monthly reptile show in my area (and a few others in the Midwest). I think there is another mouse vendor too, so I'd check if you have a reptile show nearby.

When I get my mice from them I just pick them up at the show and save on shipping - they don't always have particular colors that way though. Pinks and fuzzy are bags of 100 and large mice are bags of 50. I think I paid 95$ or something close for a bag of fuzzies and a bag of large mice.


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Well I see Rodentpro will be in MN in April. I went to google and put in "reptile show in st.cloud mn" with some very messed up results including "29 Top Apartments in St. Cloud, MN for Rent ASAP!" in the 5th spot. LOL
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