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My son recently was given a bearded dragon. I'm building it an enclosure. I have done some research and started last weekend. Hopefully this turns out ok.
I'm not much of a planner, so I did not draw out anything.
I went with 1/2" plywood and 1X 2 so far.
I'm building a ledge and rock formations using plywood. Not sure how that will turn out. The plan is to seal the wood, then cover with grout.
Edit...Forgot to add dimensions. It is 60" X 24"

Here are a few pics of the progress so far.

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That should turn out nicely. It's a good size. Using plywood is a good option. I'd seal it with some polyurethane or a non toxic paint. I suggest adding ventilation low on the cool side and high on the warm side to allow for convection ventilation. Using a few circular vents with mesh covers or even the rectangular vents that are used in houses should do nicely.
Looks good so far! Just be sure to add enough ventilation and a spot for cords to go out the back :) You could do a low vent on the cool side and a high vent on the hot side, or even a full or partially screened top.

I just finished mine and originally had a wooden ledge like yours installed, but ended up ripping it out and creating a background/hide thingy out of styrofoam and grout.

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