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Building a new tank


New member
Hi, I'm not really new to this website just more new to the whole being registered and having an account here. I was wondering if anyone has built their own bearded dragon home and what they used. I'm on a very very tight budget so any types of wood thats cheap but not harmful would be good, I'm thinking of getting plywood and plexiglass. one thing I'm mainly looking for and i've searched hours upon hours for is a wood sealant that i can use that wont be harmful and that will also last a very very very long time. hopefully water proof just because of the whole water bowl if i do eventually put one in and also for cleaning the tank itself. I am however willing to compromise on getting expensive supplies if I 100% have to. although for the wood i think I may stick with the plywood and glue it together, but again I'm open for literally ANYTHING!!

Thank you!!! :D
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