Building a double stack viv?

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I'm building a triple stack right now and I'm doing it just like a cabinet. I just finished with a front face or face front, whatever they call it. Pretty difficult for a novice like me but I tend to over complicate everything. I'll try to get some pics and post them soon, I was up till 2am working on it last night when I jammed my nail gun, ugh! Hand nailing takes a long time.


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I was just thinking screws. I'm not much of a wood worker being a welder so Not sure about the spliting either. I seen some pretty nifty ideas on the viv pics thread but still unsure my main concern is mounting the light fixture, if it is better to have them outside or inside the viv. if outside how would you do the bottom viv make a 8 to 10 gap between with a latch opening? Just trying to do some blue prints up seeing what fits in the house best .


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I've got two double stacks now that are singles on racks with a foot between them. I recessed the domes into the tops about three or four inches and use mercury vapors and still get some residual heat in the viv on top. It didn't matter in the winter but now it's hot and I'm in Florida with no a/c to my back room. I had to replace some of my sliders with screen doors to vent them better. I finally got a little fan and started directing some cool air back there and it's a huge difference. Most stacks use the fluoresents with household bulbs in outdoor spot fixtures for heat but I don't really see where they could be much different. I think it's all about proper ventilation.

Screws are fine, just depends on your building material. Being a welder, you should be good at ad lib fabrication. All those fancy engineers draw up a bunch of good stuff on paper and when it gets to you to build it, they left out all the real world stuff. THere is also that foil and bubblepack insulation I considered if I have a problem, but I did build triangular ducts into the top backs of my three vivs. I can put two inch vents in them and force air through the back if needed. I am also making the doors to accept screen or glass/plexi, depending on the season. They love climbing on the screen, works like toy too. I'll get some pics in the morning


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I agree with screws being great. I am currently building a double stack with butt joints. In these type of joints you should glue and clamp the pieces together before screwing them together. But I didn't have a big enough clamp so I piloted the holes with a bit (that was as wide as the screw minus the threads) and then just had someone keep the pieces flush and plumb by leaning a large (2') square in the angle while I drilled the pieces together. I put a screw in about every 5.5", that may be overkill but it is very sturdy. If you sink your screws you can put wooden plugs over them to hide the screws. I should be finished with the plugs this weekend, I will post a pic for you.
I'v never made a double stack viv before but if I did for the lights I would try to make a canopi(not sure how to spell it)kind of thing.Make it the same length and width but only about 5-10 inches high so your lights will fit in there and your other tank can go above them.Hope this helped,please post pics when you are finished.
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