Building a Bearded Dragon Cage

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I think I am going to build my own cage for my Bearded Dragon I am getting in January (Jan. 10). It will be 4x2x2. I want to have wood sides and bottom, a plexiglass/acrylic/glass front, and a mesh/chicken wire top. The top will be hinged so I can open it to the front. Here is a link of a cage similar to the one I want to build: I also want to do that fake rock stuff on the sides and to build structures.

I want to add these things into the enclosure:
* Have an MVB on the left side over a basking spot 10" underneath
* Use fake rock to build: a basking site, an incline up to the basking site, a platform for the food dish and resting, a staircase to get up to the platform and basking spot, a hiding cave under the platform, and a cavern under the basking site for the water dish
* Have tile as a substrate
* Plant little plastic plants into the fake rock for aesthetics

I have a few questions:
1. About how much would this cost to build total?
2. How long and hard is it to build an enclosure like this?
3. Should I grout the tiles?
4. Which of these materials would be cheapest for a 4' by 2' side: glass, acrylic, plexiglass, other clear material?

THANKS... :mrgreen:


I am currently building a 4'2'3' viv for my new beardie. I used all wood similar to what the link has. I also tiled the floor with slate and grout. Today i finnally picked up what I think is the last of the supplies for this thing and i am alredy aroung $300. Not to worry though i have lots of wood framing and doors on mine that swing out. I also have a larger 1'4' door on the top as an access panel for my hand wired lighting system. It has a large screen vent on the back about the same size as the light door. I will post pics when cmpleted.


i just finished building mine. total cost no bulb $140.00 with tax had some wood in the garage so saved about $20.00. Its not the nicest thing in the world but it does the job.. Its 4x2x2 plexiglass( $10.00 a sheetx2) doors on sliders($7.00x2). i put in a single 48" light fixture($35.00) for UVB and will put 2 bulbs in it. 2 basking fixtures were $10.00 each and i used a extension cord from a dollar store for wiring. 2 grills($5.00x2) misc screws and paint knobs for doors. no nails is awsome, great for gluing no odor and is good for filling gaps/cracks. i can fill mine with sand and not worry about sand coming out...
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