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I think I might invest in a dubia colony for Grover. His appetite is starting to grow enormous. Of course, I'll have to pick out dubia that are right for his size (around a 1/4" right now). Will a bug vacuum help with that? How about applying a small tube that will only pick up small dubia and covering the rest of the vacuum end with tape? Does the toy vacuum below have enough suction for that?




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Good idea...but I think it would kill them!

I use a small vacuum call a mini-shark to clean the viv.
Never tried it on anything live!
They sell a small 'computer vac' for cleaning computers.

I did see a YouTube video of someone using a bucket with holes drilled in the bottom for sorting by size.
Put roaches in a bucket with holes drilled in the bottom and put it into another bucket ...shake it and the little ones fell through the holes and caught in the underneath bucket...he never touched them, instant separation by size!.

I have an idea I'm going to try.
Make a 'roach trap'
1 to trap the right size, big ones can't get in, small ones can crawl out
2 reverse the trap door and use it to dispense the food!
I got the idea from a feeding 'shell' from Zilla or Retical, put the crickets in, shake with calcium and remove the stopper on the hole, the crickets crawl out.

I'll be calling it Hotel Carolina!
"check in any time you want, but you can never leave"

Something to do while the colony is growing up!


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The hotel idea is interesting.

This vacuum is actually MADE to capture bugs alive. It's a kids' toy. :) This one says "new and improved" so I don't know how well it or the old one works/worked.


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I think that bug vacuum is a waste of money. It is too gentle on bugs. It is VERY hard to suck up a bug with that. I do have a old one, but I have seen reviews of a 'new and improved' and it is still junk. Just saying. :D


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When I was younger I had one I sucked bees up with. Then I would throw the little container at my sister. :D Anyway it worked well but I do not know if it would be strong enough to suck up dubia.
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