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My beardy Dave is about 1.2 years old and is a fairly lazy dragon. He has great Husbandry and a great home. His main diet is Superworms, Bokchoy and Kale on occasion (All we can get).

He hasn't ate in about 2-3 weeks. He hasn't lost much weight and still moves around well when I take him out, but he basicly just sleeps all day. I forced some squash in him today and he chewed it and ate it.

I don't know what to do :(


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Can you review your husbandry for us? When did he last poop? How often do you bath/ spray him? Was this sudden or did it come on gradually? Any information you can provide would be helpful to figuring out the problem.


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If he is beginning to brumate, make sure he poops out the last of his food before he goes down, it can rot in his stomach, so since you've just fed him make sure he goes again, they usually don't eat 1-2 weeks before they go down so they can poop out everything they've got in them.



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He is in a 4x2x2 custom enclosure with a 36" Reptisun 10 and a 105-115 basking spot. He has 2 hides and I do not use water in his cage. He is on slate tile.

He is a small dragon, about 17" long and never has been a huge eater. We have no vet here that looks after reptiles, so that kind of sucks. He was born on November 1st 2007. He walks around and moves around great. and has never shown signs of being lethargic and "boring" untill now. He still moves around, and when I was trying to feed him he took off and bearded me. He mostly been sleeping under his hide on the cool side, and sometimes on the warm side.


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i had to turn the temps up, and leave the uv light on longer. I also started bathing mine more regularly a) for poo and b) for exercise he eventually snapped out of brumating and was back to his usual self again
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