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Hey Guys,

Gandhi Is one and a half so this is the first winter he could have brumated. I've read the article on brumation and he is showing all the signs but I just have a few questions ..... Obviously I want to know that he's not just ill! It has dropped about 5 degrees here in England over the past week. I have adjusted his temps accordingly but I guess this may be one reason why he would have gone into brumation. He has started being inactive and lethargic, won't bask and generally looks grumpy. He also hasn't eaten much and in the last few days won't touch his food- even his favorite's.

1. I changed the UV light because it was 6 months old but I changed it back to one which I had before but only used for 4 months - I really skint but should I buy a new UV, Just incase?

2. If he does poop, should I take a fecal sample to the vets? I had one done 6 months ago but should I get another done? (Although he hasn't pooped for a week)

Any advise or help would be great

Thanks in advance


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Also I put a Fleece blanket in there with a hide and within 5 minutes he was under there and hasn't come out all day. Now his lights are off


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Sounds like the right age and time of year, mine started brumating just 2 wks ago. I had a friend come feed my reptiles while I was out of town and it freaked them out because my dragons didn't eat a single thing for 4 days which didn't surprise me at all. Take him out once a week for a bath to avoid dehydration, my dragons are so sleepy sometimes I need to actually hold them up in the tub. Only time they eat during brumation is on a very rare occasion after a bath because they may stay awake for maybe a day before crawling back into their hide to sleep. If yours does eat make sure you bath them again in a few days so they can have a poop and clean out their system, don't want them holding that stuff in while they sleep the next few months away. Brumation is normal and as long as your dragon is healthy prior then it shouldn't be a problem at all, I've also tried to keep my temps constant but mine brumate anyway lazy bums :)
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