Brumation..bit of Salad? Suggestions pls


Looked around on the threads but didn't see anything about this...

Our bearded Harley went into Brumation about 2 months ago now. After the first few weeks, maybe 3 weeks I would say, I took him out to bath him as I had read it was okay to do. I have since learned that I should just leave him alone. BUT.....

When he was done his bath I forgot there was some greens in his bowl and he ate a little bit of Collards, went back to sleep the next day. He's awake everyday, lifts his head and looks at us, responds when I speak to him by just moving his eyes and looking at me. Doesn't seem upset, scratches a bit sometimes to get comfy, then goes back to sleep.

I'm concerned now from reading some posts about the small amount of Collards he ate (probably 3 weeks ago) Because of how he is acting and still active should he be okay? Should I take him out in a warm bath to see if he will poop? Just leave him?

We don't have a close vet that looks at dragons and if I need to make an appointment would likely be a few weeks away. Should I make one anyway? He was quite healthy going into brumation, good size, active and happy.

Any suggestions or experiences?
Thanks all so much in advance!

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