Brumating for 7+ months??

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Hey there. Our guy was less than a year when going into brumation. He’s been brumating for over 7 months now and this seems extremely excessive. We do keep his light/heat schedule to the normal routine and have woken him up and taken him out weekly for a bath/hydration session. He’s got water and dried food available at all times and we’ve offered Dubias after bath time (or bath and basking which he does do for a while afterwards) but he’s not interested. By the next morning he’s back asleep in his hiding spot/box.

Some times he has his bath and we let him hang out and he actually seems very active. After a few hours...goes back to sleep until we wake him up again. Can anyone please shed light on what we’re doing wrong?

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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Please post pics of your tank and lighting --- we need basking temps and is it winter where you are? Brumation for a less than a 7 month old is odd---- how are you taking basking temps? infrared heat gun they are most accurate-- digital probe? or stick ons?

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I agree, 7 months is too long for a brumation. I can see 4-5 months or so, but really anything
longer than 6 months you need to pull them out.
As suggested, please review your tank setup with us, as well as post some pictures of your
dragon & your tank, etc for us.



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Lord I am so sorry I never came back with an update. He woke up about 2 days after I posted this (We removed his cardboard house tbh) and has TRIPLED in size with a hearty appetite of dubias and greens, loves his bath time poop and has even gotten to play outside recently in the warm days we’ve been having! He’s 22 inches long at this point and sweet as can be!
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possible brumation
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