Brown teeth issues, any advice?

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Hi there,

I'm looking for some advice about how to care for my beardie's teeth. Lately I noticed that he had a bit more saliva in his mouth, not drooling or anything, but more moist around the lips. So I did a teeth check and saw that his teeth were brown toward the back.

He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, he still eats like a horse, and generally seems really happy. If any of that were different we would already be at the vet, but since he seems ok for the moment I thought I'd see if anyone can recommend me something to try to make it better before it gets worse.

I'd be fine to buy something if I need to, I'm hoping to not go to the vet unless I have to, current social situations being what they are, however I do have a few supplies already at my disposal. Not saying all of them would be safe for teeth cleaning, I haven't done anything yet, but this is what I have in the way of cleaning/first aid products. They're mostly from, I linked them just in case product details would be helpful. I live in Canada so I generally buy whatever I'm interested in from that site as one big order, shipping is very expensive so I generally order once a year.

Anyway, here's what I've got on hand:
• Povidone Iodine (this one)
• Manuka honey (this one)
• Quaternary Coccicidal Disinfectant (I use this on the tank, full strength when I do a full disinfect once a month, diluted when I spot clean) (this one)
• Hibiclens (this one)
• ReptiLogic Eco Clean Concentrate (this one)
• F10SC (Expired in 2016... should probably throw it away?)
• Oral syringes (1cc and 10cc), Q-tips, kitchen scale

Here are some pics I snapped of his teeth (can click to enlarge), see below for more general info about him:

Dragon info:

Name: Savrin (Savvy for short)
Age: approx 5 years 6 months
I've had him since: November 2014
Length: 20 inches
Gender: Male
Weight: 535 grams (weighed today)
Tank size: 4ft L x 1.5 ft W x 2ft H (see picture at the bottom)
Substrate: Vinyl linoleum flooring cleaned regularly, small square of paper towel he usually poops on. I didn't plan it, he sortof usually just does it.
UV Bulb: Arcadia T5 Reptile Lamp, 39W 34 inch white florescent, I just replaced it about a month ago. I was told this bulb should provide adequate UV to the bottom of the tank, but he regularly hangs from the wall just below it.
Heat Emitter: ExoTerra 150W CHE
Additional Heating: It can get cold in the winters here so I have some garden seedling mats under the tank, and they are set to turn on automatically if the temperature in the tank goes below 74°F, but they turn off if the temp is above that. The sensors are just above the floor of the tank, and the mat temp range (the mats are below the tank, not inside the tank below the vinyl floor) is between 68-108°F. It's not for a hot spot, it's a safety net in case the room gets too cold at night so he doesn't freeze.
Temperatures (I have a temp gun):
Basking spot: 108.2°F (just measured)
Cool side: between 76.5-80°F
Insects/Protein (every second day, mornings): Hornworms, when available, 3-5 medium/largeish, my fallback if I don't have worms is Beardie Buffet, and he gets however much he wants of that. I don't gutload the horns, but I do dust them before feeding (see supliments).
Veggies: Fresh every morning, Collard greens, mustard greens, sometimes beet greens, but not very often. Once or twice a month he gets fruit as a treat.
Bath Time: 2-4 times per week.
Additional Water: None, most of his food is pretty wet and he does get baths regularly, no water in his tank though. I don't mist him unless he's shedding, and then I only mist the area that is about to shed to try to help him along.
Suppliments: I get all of them from
Semi-regular daily (liquid, given by oral syringe, dosed by weight): Calicum glubitonate and Vitamin B complex (since noticing his teeth I stopped this temporarily until I figure out what to do)
Salad (Dusted daily): I pre-mix this, 1/3 Calcium, 1/3 Bee pollen, 1/3 dandilion greens powder, a little bit of spirulina
Hornworms (every second day): Organic multivitamin and calcium
Beardie Buffet (replaces hornworms sometimes): About 1/4 tsp of what I dust over his salad, and about 2 pinches of the organic multivitimin
Bowel Movements: Usually every day, he might miss a day here and there, but always poops the next day. Healthy poops too. He's a good pooper :)
Vet Check: I took him to the vet about... 2 years ago I think. I usually only take him in if there is a problem. There aren't many good reptile vets around me, and I don't have a car, which makes it difficult to take him more regularly than that. They didn't do a fecal on him last time, but they checked his teeth and they were fine then.
Beardie Roommates: None, he reigns by himself and his only subjects are 2 humans, one a devoted slave (me), the other an interested but hesitant participant.

I usually have some fake vines that line the top so there's a bit of green, but I need new ones, they were getting worn out (click to enlarge).

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That is fairly common and not necessarily an issue. There are some small changes you can make that may reduce that buildup and discoloration though. I would first try offering some crunchy bugs. Roaches can work but even harder shelled bugs in moderation like superworm beetles can be chewed on and the abrasiveness can help clean teeth and gums. If that doesn't help. Pick up some MaxiGuard oral cleanser and try using that to clean off the teeth and gums.
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