Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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It’s either raining or sunny/cold.

It’s not gonna warm up till summer. Spring looks like winter.
I do have a box of chocolate we both share. Tom doesn’t eat much chocolate. So I eat most but Im also working out.

Dragons are all doing well. Geckos also no issues. I have yet to check weight on the dragons. I also check weight on geckos. I checked them yesterday and they seem good there. Broly does feel heavier so I really can’t wait to see.

We have our order of our arcadias for this and next year. We also ordered hornworms since I don’t really need to breed them as they’re mostly hydration boosters. I wouldn’t be using them all the time. We have our crickets/roaches and phoenix worms at a good number. Power outages and cold temps really killed our stock of bugs and took a bit to build them up. I can’t wait for winter to end. Im tired of trying to build up every stock I have after fishing out all the dead. It’s annoying!

Update after fall: happy to report nothing bad happened to Broly after his fall last week. Still eats and uses the bathroom normally. Everything is good here. I didn’t think anything would happen but gave an update anyway.


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I've been out of the loop for a week or more -- can't-make-myself-do-anythig depression again. I'm due for a nice hypomanic episode but no such luck this last month. Too bad hypomania is not sustainable. :roll: Don't know if the meds are doing much good but at least it seems to be keeping me from turning into a raving female dog, if you know what I mean. :wink:

Our weather has been a little colder than usual for this time of year, with a little snow -- just enough for my husband to get some practice with the new snowblower. Equinox in less than a month, so it should start "warming" up soon, although we're not out of the woods for a huge snow dump until around May.

I loOOove chocolate :mrgreen: , and I don't work out, so yeah, I stay fat. :oops: History of eating disorders. Can't do the diet thing anymore, but I'm so fat I'm disabled. Catch 22. :banghead:

I think it's a good thing to keep an eye on your dragons (and geckos) as far as weight is concerned, especially in our case since Puff has a hard time keeping his weight high enough to stay healthy. He's been down to 480 grams in the last couple of weeks. Still living on squash and a little bit of greens but won't eat roaches or Repashy Grub pie -- a complete switch from about a year ago when it seems that crickets and roaches and hornworms were all he wanted and no veggies. He never eats a balanced diet one way or the other, although we offer.

We haven't had to go to the pet store for anything except cricket/roach food lately. Some of our roaches have died off but we still have some for Puff to eat if he takes a notion. We're trying to maintain them alive for as long as possible. They're not growing too big for Puff to eat because we don't keep them warm enough to grow and breed. We don't want to have to maintain a roach colony, so we've got them growing very slowly, probably partially dormant. They run around enough to keep Puff interested if he were up to it, but lately he doesn't show hardly any interest at all.

We're about due to change out our UV tubes also, but I'm pretty sure we have one more for this year from our last order. Maybe some extra UV will perk Puff up a little, but maybe not. He hasn't been going in his hide lately -- just hangs out at the corner of his basking platform, and I'm afraid it may be that he just doesn't have enough energy to crawl down there, or that he's gotten afraid of landing flipped over on his back. Like Broly, no signs of injury, but I'm afraid that adenovirus + old age is going to get him sooner or later. There's nothing more the vet can do. :cry:

Anyway, it's good to hear that your guys are all doing well. :)

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Broly is 602g so Im sure it’s linked to him having to crap soon. The next day, he did and it didn’t even smell. Water came with it too. There’s where the weight came from haha.

Jamie is 632g Kane at 672g. Kane being 25” long he can be 700 something grams safely. I have to double check with Tracie again. Broly being 20 1/2” long he should be up to 630g and drop back a bit on squash.

The geckos are well I never had a problem with them. They do get fecal checked as well weight. Since they do sometimes have shed problems we do a check on humidity, heat and skin.

Apparently Tom met a dragon with yellow fungus so he had started treatment on him. Internal treatment and external treatment. Luckily, Tom is clean he hasn’t touched the dragon. He had gloves while touching him. Pretty irresponsible to bring home yellow fungus.

We had to battle ants. They were making their way to the cricket/roach bins. They did NOT get inside we caught them early. They must’ve smelled the fresh veggies/fruit we gave them. So we had a mint plant growing with the carnivores in another room. We took leaves from it and rubbed it around window sill and frames as well the bottom of the bins. Extra measures we put branches around the bins. No chemicals all natural. We gotta get ready for unwanted house guests.


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Yes, its hard to figure out "net weight" because there are always 3 things that are just passing through- water, food, and poop. Just like Broly, Puff's poops usually include a puddle of water when he has an accident, but you can't tell when he does it in his bath like he's supposed to. When we weigh him, my husband keeps track of whether the weight is before poop or after poop.

Your beardies are all bigger than mine -- Puff is only about 17-18 inches long and most of that is tail. So 500 grams is probably not too terribly skinny for him. He's been holding around 480 lately. Still living on squash and occasional greens and not interested in roaches, the opposite of what he was a year ago.

I'm glad we haven't had to deal with yellow fungus, and that Tom was careful with it.

Ants were a real problem in California. If you left anything out you'd have them all over the place. Not so much in Alaska -- too cold. I never tried using mint to keep them away.

No real change in Puff's condition -- still kind of listless. He spends most of his time zoned out in his favorite corner of his basking platform. He still gets bathed, offered food, and cuddled every day. At least he wakes up for it, and still gives us "The Look" when he's done.

All for now. :)

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Really isn’t much this time.
Broly doesn’t care to snuggle though he’s older. We still have Kane who will and he’ll be 5 in July. Jamie is a snuggler but on her own terms. Most days she wants to lounge around. Broly and Kane will come out. Broly likes windows and Kane will snuggle up to us. He won’t snuggle with unknown people. He does snuggle with Paul as he’s been here for a year already.

Vash my first beardie was 18” long too. So raising these three dragons isn’t different but their sizes are! I do still miss him. got warm today, so they went outside. They ate everything! Well not outside bugs...
I gave them greens and squash.

I just got over an ear infection now. Now Im dealing with something else. I gotta go get more rest.

I haven’t seen ants since. They can go somewhere else...
Now it’s bedtime...because I wanna keep helping my recovery.


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Well, at least you've got a couple of beardies who like to snuggle up to a certain point, even if Broly's not into it. Puff is kind of like Jamie -- he'll tolerate it for a while and then he gets wiggly so we try to put him back in his tank at that point, unless we're cleaning the tank or something, and then we have to try to settle him down. My husband can usually do that by zipping him up under his jacket where it's warm and dark. At bedtime Puff will usually fall asleep if we don't have too many lights on. Hard core diurnal. When he doesn't want to snuggle, I don't think he has enough energy to struggle too much, so he just tolerates it when he gets tired.

Puff has started eating bugs again all of a sudden, and lots of them. :blob8: Finished off the last of the old roaches and is now into crickets, especially since that's the only thing they've had a lot of at the pet store for the last two trips (we prefer roaches when we can get them). Got some hornworms too, and he scarfed them up like he used to do. He must be feeling better. Even still goes for a little squash and greens once in a while, but mainly into bugs again. He's close to 9 years old now, as far as we know, so I guess we've done pretty well to keep him alive this long with the adenovirus, and maybe even a few years more if we continue to be lucky.

Around here, spring is still late this year, but it finally seems to be warming up little by little. Breakup later in April -- several weeks of mud and slush, but we like it because it means summer is coming. it will still rarely be warm enough for Puff to go outside, and even on the warm days it freaks him out because he's not used to it, so we don't try to take him outside anymore. According to the meter, he gets more UV from his lamp than from the Alaskan sun anyway. Just installed a new tube for equinox, too.

We're scheduled to get our second covid shot in early April (Moderna), so hopefully we'll be able to get out more and be with people by the end of the month, just when it should be nice outside again. :D

Getting enough rest is sometimes hard for me because I don't sleep efficiently, even though I try to go to bed and get up at pretty much the same time every day (except for sleeping in on weekends). It takes me a long time to fall asleep and then any little thing usually wakes me up, so I end up lying in bed awake a lot. I hope you have better luck getting enough rest than I do. :)

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Still dealing with those pesky garden ants. They’re in our room not the kitchen/reptile room anymore. Ugh...not where I wanted them at all. We don’t even eat in there so why! I heard mint or vinegar spray work. They hated the vinegar. I refuse using bad chemicals especially with animals around. Our cats and dog would sniff it and who knows if they’ll lick it. I tried the slow killing bait but apparently they walked passed it, like hello? We’ll need a spider in here if this is gonna be happening.

Broly is now 583g of course 602g was something to do with food, water and crap. Jamie is 613g and that’s after using the bathroom. Kane hasn’t gone yet so 634 is probably bathroom.

Hopefully Puff lives for more years. Im glad he eats bugs and some squash.

We’ve had really warm days. Idk when rain will come back I don’t see it. I bought a stuffed bearded dragon and a bearded dragon sign kind of like “warning beware of dog”.
You can’t sleep with a real dragon because you don’t know if you’ll hurt or kill it. It’s a good purchase and the dragon looks so real I thought it was one of ours at some point LOL. I should post them at some point but for now I gotta get some sleep because I lost some over the last couple days. Blue our dwarf frog died 8th of April. He was 3 yrs old.

If you’re asking yourself if the dragons like the stuffed dragon...answer is only Broly does. The others want to tear it up because yeah it’s a bearded dragon. It’s a stuffed animal and only Broly I guess loves it.


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So my husband is off to Costco to get some much needed groceries (and pizza! :D ) and Puff and I are at home waiting for him to get back. I hope he'll drive careful because the roads are slushy. Breakup has finally started. Our daytime temperatures are up into the 40s and 50s and nighttime temps around freezing, which makes for slick ice in the morning. Our backyard is a mess of melting snow, puddles, and mud. :roll: I'm staying indoors for a little longer -- pretty soon it will be REALLY spring. :mrgreen: It comes late around here.

I've heard that peppermint and cayenne pepper help with mice, but I'm not sure about ants. I'm with you when it comes to using chemicals, especially when you have other animals around. I'm pretty sure that cats hate vinegar. It is weird that they're in a room where there's no food for them to find -- usually when you remove the food, the ants go elsewhere. You're right that some spiders might help.

Your guys sound like they are all at healthy weights, with or without poop included. Puff was up to 520 grams today, and that was after he finally pooped in his bath -- it was a little overdue. I give him a little belly massage when he needs to poop and sometimes it works. That and the warm water.

Thanks for the good wishes for him. He continues to pig out on crickets. The pet store has not had roaches lately so we have to put up with the messy crickets :bleick: . Puff doesn't seem to mind and he thins out their population quickly enough so that they don't make a huge mess, especially if we're diligent about cleaning up after them every day. He's still eating squash and greens so he's getting a pretty balanced diet these days, even if it is a little too many bugs and not enough veggies, but that's normal for him. We let him eat as much as he wants, since he's tends to be underweight.

The general consensus among the vets is that he had a flareup of adenovirus, but he seems to be doing really well now, so we may have him for a few more years if all goes well. He is 9 years old now, or thereabouts, since we don't know his exact age for sure.

Sorry to hear that you lost your frog. Is 3 years considered a good life span for a frog? If so, I hope you can at least feel good about the way you took good care of him.

My husband used to bring Puff to bed with me for a bedtime cuddle, but one time I dozed off and almost rolled over on him. Luckily he wiggled and woke me up before I squished him, so we don't do that anymore. Now we only do bedtime cuddles when we're both still wide awake, and I sit in a chair. If he's already asleep at bedtime, we don't disturb him.

That's funny how your dragons react differently to the stuffie. Maybe Kane thinks it's a rival male but Broly thinks it's a female? Hard to know. :?

We inherited a rubber snake from my father-in-law. One summer when we were visiting him with Squirmles (our corn snake) we showed him the rubber snake and he was not impressed one way or the other. I supposed that since their best senses are touch and smell, vision not so much, that since it smelled and felt like a piece of rubber, he was not fooled by the fact that it looked like a snake. We have kept it as a remembrance of both Squirmles and my father-in-law, a reminder of happy times when they were both still alive. We call it "Jake the Snake."

We'd had Squirmles for 15 years and I was 60 when he died, so a fourth of my life -- the longest I'd ever had any critter. Anyway, the rubber snake is a very convincing replica of a real one, just like your stuffed bearded dragon, easily mistaken for a real snake and could scare people who are afraid of snakes. My father-in-law was into practical jokes, and used to put it in our bed and various such things. I'd play along and put it around my neck and tell him he let the snake get too cold and it looked like it was dead. He was a wildlife biologist and loved snakes, but he had this other side to him. He had dribble glasses and collapsing spoons and fake chocolate candies and all kinds of stuff like that.

Well, I guess I've rambled on long enough for one post. Have a nice weekend. :)

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Well it’s warm enough to go outside somewhat. We stay an hour right now. The wind will always stay so it’s always chilly unless we get 80-90s then no wind and warm all day through the night.

Finally no more stupid ants! I can’t stand those guys! I already clean enough as it is so there’s nothing. Stupid bugs should find another place.

So Broly’s got some slight yellow on his stomach and it feels somewhat waxy and since no one has yellow fungus (can’t imagine where it came from) it’s an oncoming shed. Probably somewhat dirty as well but it’s a shed. I’ll get him washed up, today is Kane and Jamie in their own tubs and away from each other. Tomorrow will be Broly and Winry in their own tubs. I have four different tubs with names on them and they’re not stacked on each other...well maybe the other three are and Jamie’s is beside theirs. We believe she still has Adeno so her tub is off to the side not stacked like the boys and Winrys.

Broly rubs his nose on his tank and outside he has dirt/dust on the tip of his bottom lip. He has been rubbing his face so it makes sense. It’s an oncoming shed coming up on his face too. Yikes poor dude. I don’t see “pink” yet that’s the color the orange skin changes to when it sheds. He’s totally fine LOL. I hadn’t weighed anyone yet!

People are saying frogs can live 20 years! Maybe 25!! I hadn’t really seen a frog that old. Idk if dwarf frogs can live that long. It’s usually 5 and up and my oldest is 4 years old right now. Gotta find more frogs and quarantine for 3 months (chytrid fungus and it only attacks amphibians) then put it in the main tank. Cleaning out a smaller tank is easier than the main if I have sick frogs.

Ahaha I rambled enough well time to send my family the birthday gift list (May 25 is birthday). I don’t mind late gifts just means I can open them later LOL.


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So we've warmed up into the 50s in the daytime and high 30s at night, and ever since that 90 degree day with extremely high fire danger on the 4th of July in 2019, I get nervous if the outside temperature goes much above 70. After 25 years in Alaska, I've adapted to the cold. :mrgreen:

My husband is hoping to find the time to plant some squash in the little greenhouse he built last fall with an old barbecue for a planter. Crazy project. :roll: He planted them too late last season with seeds from a squash he cooked, and there was no way we would have gotten any squash before the winter. I was surprised they even bloomed. The frost danger won't be over till June.

Glad you got rid of the ants.

Just like Broly, Puff has been shedding -- piecemeal patches all over in his case. They usually come off in his daily bath, which is to keep him hydrated, not so much to keep him clean, although it does that too. I have discovered that the older they get, the sloppier they shed.

We had separate tubs for Puff and Squirmles (our corn snake, when he was still alive) too. I don't know if snakes can get adenovirus, and I didn't want to find out.

Puff has gained a little weight, up to just over 520 grams now. :) He's been eating lots of crickets and a few roaches, along with squash and greens every day now. He doesn't seem to like roaches as well as crickets lately, which is just as well because the pet store almost always has crickets but they're usually out of roaches. Too bad for us because roaches are so much easier to take care of.

Some amphibians are pretty long lived, especially if they're well cared for like yours. I've heard that salamanders can live that long, but hadn't heard that some types of frogs could too. My sister has a little fire belly newt that she inherited from one of her grandsons, and she has managed to keep that tiny little thing alive for about 20 years. It's pretty amazing.

One good TLDR deserves another, huh? Happy birthday... :D

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Been a while.

Broly still has yellow on his stomach and no signs of peeling yet. He now has yellow on the bottom of his foot and white on top. Another shed. He’s still rubbing his face from time to time but no pink skin.

I ordered another carnivorous plant! A nepenthes or “monkey cups”. It reminds me of a Pokemon named Victrebell or something like that. I decided that’ll be its name. Haha so original give it a name it looks like. It’s said it eats flies (which there’s a lot in the house), mosquitoes (these should die) and wasps. I hope a frog or small bird (like hummingbird) don’t get stuck inside. I have heard people say they catch whatever goes inside and that kept me from getting one originally. I like the hummingbirds and frogs. Im trying my luck now that I have room and some plants have died. After being healthy all summer, winter seems to bring something to the table. Some disease or bugs I don’t notice and kills them. My sarracenia has survived two winters so far no issue. It’s growing again now. It has a slow start which is why I start bringing it out of dormancy in March. Don’t get me wrong still very cold in March but it needs to get up. Victrebell may just be a houseplant. It looks like one with pitchers hanging from it. It does require different care than other carnivores I’ve had. It takes the same soil and water as other carnivores it just doesn’t like direct sun like the others. Pitchers turn red as it ages when the others need sun to turn red. This plant is under “easy to grow” so I guess we’ll see.

Other dragons eat salad except Broly. He’s starting that “greens don’t apply to me” thing again. He thinks he’s getting apples, squash (which he does and he picks it out) and bugs. I stopped offering squash in the salad. He’ll eat some mint and kale.

Hope Puff continues to gain and grow older for you.


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So Puff's weight is up to 539 grams so he's doing well and even getting a fairly balanced diet lately although still more bugs than veggies, but at least he's eating any squash and greens at all. As of yesterday he's gone two days without eating and has been spending more time in his hide than usual lately, but I'm not too worried yet because his weight is up and recently he's been known to occasionally scarf over 40 small crickets in one meal. Usually we can trust his appetite to kick in when it needs to, so that's one thing that will help him survive if the adenovirus flares up again. My husband and I have both agreed that force feeding is off the table as an option.

I suppose that Broly will start eating more greens again sometime in the future. They seem to go through phases. Puff was eating nothing but squash and greens for a couple of weeks after he got home from the "hospital," and we were worried about him. He finally started eating bugs again but continued to eat squash and greens along with them. I wonder if he was just listless and didn't have the energy to chase after small moving objects for a while, although it didn't seem to help if my husband caught the bugs and held them out to him. Not interested. We're glad the little worry factory is better now. :)

Puff has also managed to get most if not all of his shedding done, except for the odd scale here and there. His skin turns grayish when he's getting ready to shed, so I don't get worried that it might be yellow fungus. Sounds like Broly's latest shed is going fairly well, except for the scary yellow color -- glad to hear that you ruled out fungus and can chalk it up to a shed.

Your carnivorous plants sound interesting, although I'm sorry to hear that you lost some some of them to the winter. A nice way to keep the fly and mosquito population down. We've had a few of those in our house, now that the outside temperatures are staying above freezing, even at night. I don't mind the flies so much, but I agree with you that we can do without the mosquitoes. Alaska is famous for mosquitoes. They get through the winter because they have "antifreeze" in their eggs, and they breed in the puddles when breakup comes along. We could use a few carnivorous plants around here, but I don't think there are any species that can survive in this climate, although I should probably Google it because I could be wrong. :?

Well, I guess that's enough rambling for one post -- all's well around here otherwise. Looking forward to seeing a new eye doctor later this month -- my glasses aren't getting it anymore and I can barely see what I'm typing. :mrgreen:

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Been a while. We had a whole weekend where it was just hot. 82F with no AC is actual hell! Dehumidifiers were on and fans. Today was 70F so not bad.

Broly stopped using the bathroom for some reason. It’s been a bit over a week and he doesn’t usually take this long. He goes usually every day. I didn’t think much of it for three days. It’s longer than that now. I gave him a 25 minute bath (he had lots of energy to get out), nothing. He’s up all day long, lounging around with us or in his tank nothing majorly wrong. It’s all normal. Tom can’t treat for parasites/worms if he has no sample to test. He’s still bright eyed, attentive to around his tank and responsive. Oh boy, is he HUNGRY for some odd reason. He eats everything we give him. It’s like he hasn’t eaten in days which isn’t the case. I feed every day. I guess we gotta break out a can of pumpkin since he eats. No hard lumps or any lumps in his stomach. No prolonged black beard and his legs still work. So I guess it’s a waiting game and when it does finally show up it will smell so bad. I don’t want food rotting that’ll cause bacteria. I gotta worry about crap. He’s the only one not giving a sample yet he’s acting normal. I know he knows he hasn’t gone yet. Ive been helping between giving butternut, baths and stomach rubs. Butternut like pumpkin should help. He is shedding in multiple places maybe that’s it. Idk for sure. I’ll keep you updated. Oh and he’s not dehydrated because I tried dripping water off his nose. He licked two drops and ran off. Yeah, he’s ok with energy he just won’t crap!

Other than no bathroom from Broly, everyone else is fine and is using the bathroom. Ugh, just too much going on.

Im glad for Puff. Well, I gotta go help Broly before his bedtime. He’s basking and there’s nothing else to help get it out of him. Im trying pumpkin tomorrow I thought butternut would work to be honest. They’re in the squash family. Just one thing after another.


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I got way behind on my email. Been depressed and laying around all day lately. My husband has had some time off and I haven't been very good company but he claims he enjoys being with me anyway.

We were lucky we had cool weather and some rain for the 4th of July, at least before. Puts the fire danger down. Fireworks always scare me because I'm afraid someone will do something stupid and start a fire. They're illegal in the city of Anchorage except for professional ones, but people ignore the law. It was noisy till past midnight last night and the night before too, but it didn't seem to bother Puff. I'm hoping there won't be more leftover fireworks tonight, since today is the day everyone gets off for the holiday. :roll:

I hope Broly has pooped by now. You're lucky you have a vet to watch over him, and it sounds like he's doing well otherwise. It's weird that he's hungry too. You'd think that what goes in has to come out.

Puff is still doing well, eating and pooping regularly, poops every few day and eats almost every day, crickets and roaches and usually squash and sometimes greens, so a pretty balanced diet for him. His weight is up to over 550 grams now too. Lately he seems to like crickets better than roaches, opposite of what we like to have around for him. I think it's probably because they jump around a lot.

Sometimes a little belly massage in his bath helps Puff to poop, but not always, and sometimes he tolerates it but sometimes doesn't like it. Sounds like you've been doing everything you can to help Broly.

A couple more days off for my husband this week, and a trip to Homer to visit a relative next weekend, and then the holidays will be done and we'll get back into the regular routine. My husband is trying to get some work done in the yard before it starts raining. They're expecting rain all this next week.

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Been busy and now I caught a viral infection. My throat and coughing is all I have. Doctors did do a covid test and throat culture. Test says negative but they wanted to send it to a lab anyway. Covid test should be sent anyway. We’ll know maybe in a week or more. Idk how these work.

Broly’s going to the bathroom whenever he can. It’s not he’s impacted, he just doesn’t have the urge to go.

Ive been sleeping a lot, drinking fluids (juice, water) anything cold. I also eat warm food. Both cold and warm soothe the throat. I don’t feel too bad other than the throat and occasional coughing fits where I have to sit up and breathe. Tom and Paul have been helping during evenings. During the day, I feed dragons, dogs, gerbils, hamster, fish/frogs (yes we have african dwarf frogs) and cats. See? It’s a circus around here and nobody will fatally hurt each other. Everyone kept pretty far from each other. After all the feedings then some get their tanks cleaned up. Today is leopard geckos day to get cleaned. Tom will do that because they eat at night. Im still recovering only woke up because again, cough fit. I decided to check up on here and emails.

Im glad for Puff being up over 500g! I hope he continues to be a happy old man. In 2 years, when Broly hits 8 years old, he’ll be considered senior. Geez, 2 years already and he’ll be an old man. Years are flying by I tell ya! Well this is a TLDR. Everyone is well and everyone is using the bathroom when they can.

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is my bearded dragons left side supposed to be hard, it’s right above its left leg in the back, it’s kind of hard? i feed it insects and greens. not sure if it’s normal or not? i can post pictures.
His first vet visit went well! Abelardo Texas looks good physically according to his new Dr.
Unfortunately, on the fecal it showed that he has Coccidia. Not a surprise honestly... he has been having diarrhea since I got him. I got Albon, F10, and a steam cleaner on hand.
I'm kinda freaked out, I heard coccidia is a beast to get rid of. Wish me luck! 😭
Sorry didn’t mean to post the last post was an accident, but I do have a question I have a 7 month old dragon, her name is Smaug and she will not eat her salad I have tried everything that I can, just wondering if anyone can help me because I’m stuck and I know that she should probably be eating them by now! If anyone can give me ideas that would be great!
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