Broly the new super saiyan beardie


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I guess we're lucky that Puff doesn't have a problem with MBD on top of everything else, especially when he spends almost the whole day in his hide sometimes, away from the UV lamp. We can tell he gets enough because his little skeleton still looks good in X-rays.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: You're lucky you're married to a veterinarian! :D

Fairly decent weather here lately -- some clear cold days -- it cools off quickly when we lose our cloud blanket. They're expecting it to "warm up" (close to freezing) and snow in the next few days -- a recipe for slush. :roll:

Puff normally likes bugs and squash like Broly, but turns his nose up at greens or fruit. He's still not eating hardly anything lately. He spent the day at the vet's last Friday. They soaked him and gave him subcutaneous fluids and vitamin B, and he also got X-rays, ultrasound, and blood tests. All his labs came back fairly good, and he finally pooped there so he came home with an empty digestive tract (after 3 weeks without a poop) and hasn't put hardly anything in there since, except a little bite of collard green with much coaxing. The roahes are getting bigger...

He's been basking a little more and hiding a little less since he got home, so I hope he feels a little better, although I'm of course still worried about him not eating :( so far.

They think he probably has a problem with bowel motility due to the adenovirus. He's also listless and doesn't get much exercise, so that doesn't help. We are still bathing him and offering him food almost every day, and that's about all we can do.

Spoke too soon this morning -- He just tried to go down to his hide and fell on his back, :shock: but managed to flip himself back over before I had to try to reach down to the bottom of the tank to help him. Now he's laying on the bottom of the tank just outside his hide and thinking about going in. I have towels at the bottom of the tank so he fell on soft stuff -- hopefully he didn't get hurt.

I'm glad you don't want to let this thread go inactive. I enjoy exchanging TLDRs with you. :wink:

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Well thanksgiving was quiet. Covid kept everyone to themselves. Nobody was wanted to leave home though some people were still traveling. I wasn't and neither was Tom. Jamie and Kane ate one small piece of turkey. Broly finally tasted it. Turkey meat was less salty than the skin. Broly had a black beard for a minute he must've been displeased with the salty taste (no we didn't season the meat). Jamie and Kane had no issue it's a once a year treat. It doesn't hurt them. Broly is fine by the way, he's eating and stuff. We only seasoned the outside skin. Inside the turkey though we had oranges and lemon. No we don't squeeze any juices of the fruit inside either. It's just for flavor. Vash was even ok with this no problems before he passed on. Jamie and Kane are good with it and they been eating turkey since they been with us. It won't hurt them as it's been like this for years.

Broly doesn't use the bathroom since it got colder. Maybe 6 days or so. He will wake up and eat just not as actively crazy about food. Jamie and Kane got their treat, bathed then passed stool in the water. Of course we rinsed them off. They're ok now and back asleep after drying off.

Im lucky for a vet husband he does take great care of everyone.

We're getting snow real soon. I can feel it. Im gonna go to sleep. Tryptophan is really hitting hard. Probably won't have insomnia for a few days because of tryptophan.


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We had a fairly quiet Thanksgiving too. No one came over but that's not unusual because no one in our family has a big enough house to get everyone together, so my sisters and I usually each have our dinner with just our own immediate family, and that means just my husband and me for us, since we don't have any human children (not including the adopted beardie). We had leftover pizza from a recent trip to Costco, so we are planning to do our Thanksgiving dinner today Alaskan style -- salmon instead of turkey. :wink:

Sounds like your guys enjoyed their special treats. Puff ate a little squash and Repashy grub pie yesterday, which is an improvement after eating nothing for a couple of weeks. Still no bugs -- the roaches are getting bigger, but not too fast because we keep them fairly cool. We plan to keep bathing him for hydration (it gets really dry indoors around here in the winter, from heating the air, and especially under the heat lamps) and offering him food every day. That's about all we can do. The rest is up to him.

We set up some "Zoom" meetings with several family members. All but one of them had technical difficulties so we ended up talking on the phone with the ones who couldn't get the audio and/or video to work on the computer. Maybe we'll be able to make it work for Christmas...

shb :)

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Broly's asleep. He went to his cool side which is 81 deg) and fell asleep. He didn't ask for food or scratch on the door (usually means I gotta or did go potty). Well, I guess today is really cold. I saw a yellow jacket...what is it doing out? Nobody knows. Maybe it's leaving its hive to die...bees do it. Idk. We closed the door and just watched it. I don't think it wants to be saved. It can't live too long out of its hive.

We did FaceTime with family. That's all that really happened. We had movies after that and we both because lazy fell asleep in front of the tv.

Today, I have cramps and you know from what. I have to deal with lady stuff. Im not really ashamed to talk about it. It's hurting right now. Im gonna put on some YouTube, painkillers and sip on hot chocolate. I like some really old wrestling stuff. 2001-2006 old. After I feel better, online christmas shopping.


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I think Puff is still trying to brumate but we're not letting him. Still gets a bath and offered food almost every day. Not eating much, but he did manage to eat a couple of roaches and some squash several days ago. He hasn't lost a huge amount of weight yet either -- still just under 500 grams. Nothing much else we can do for him, except hope for the best. The vet thinks we're dealing with an adenovirus flare-up. :( Hopefully it will go back into remission before it does too much damage.

Our yellow jackets are long gone. I'm pretty sure they can't survive when the temperature goes below freezing, unless they have antifreeze in their blood.

It's nice to have this technology so we can get together without getting together and hopefully not spread the virus around. I'm looking forward to vaccines.

I finished up with the "lady stuff" about 5 years ago, but I remember what it was like. Hot chocolate in front of the TV sounds like a good way to deal with it. :) In fact, it sounds like a good way to deal with cold weather all around.

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It's finally over!! Ughhh...horrible. I felt so bad...Tom had to take care of everything. I had too much pain even with painkillers. Broly decided he'd wake up the other day and potty. Of course, nobody but me was home. I mustered up enough energy through pain to pick it up. I managed to get him to go on paper towels. He does eye me every time he goes and race to get paper towels under him! He's back asleep and eating not a lot like before. I hadn't checked weight since October...oops. I skipped a month and hoping it's still a good range. I weigh once a month and somehow skipped November. Im not sure how I managed that but will be weighing this month and onward. Once we get to wake up season he'll be weighed once every two weeks. It's at least twice a month. Who knows maybe I'll stick to once a month. According to November, he is 588g. That's not bad really...especially it being freezing!! November proved he gained weight.

We're getting frost warnings so the yellow jackets should stay out of sight. It's supposed to rain for 10 that's gonna be fun..not! Humidity will spike all 10 days.

Hopefully you can keep Puff from brumating though it's hard. Dragons have it in their heads it's time sleep cold weather.

This pandemic is driving people crazy! I want vaccines so people can stop complaining about covid19. I want it so I can see my brother in California. I can't see him! Our state park canceled the light show because covid. So we're stuck inside in isolation. Our second lockdown because nobody knows how to wear a mask. More and more people are catching it since we opened up. Im tired of being inside! Im tired of being cooped up in the house all day. Sure, I spend time with the animals. I wanna go out again..this is probably killing my mental health being isolated from family and friends...

Im drinking water because headache is being a female dog. Im gonna get going and take more painkillers for my head. So see ya later.


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So Broly is typical -- when ya gotta go, ya gotta go, regardless of whether or not your nearest human slave is up to cleaning up after you.

Puff doesn't always give me "The Look" when he's about to have an accident -- I get the telltale arch at the base of the tail, and by that time it's usually too late to get him on something that will make less of a mess. Most of it would likely end up in my hand and the rest of it somewhere I don't want it. Luckily he often does it in the water when he gets his bath, so we can just dump it down the drain. Doesn't poop too often lately though because he hasn't been eating much -- a roach or two here and there, and some squash and some Repashy grub pie. The roaches are getting bigger now that they have more time to grow. And nowadays we're happy about a poop wherever it ends up because they're so few and far between that we get worried about him, but if nothing goes in then nothing comes out. Sometimes I give him a little belly massage when he's in the bath and once in a while it works. :)

We weigh Puff once a week on Saturdays, so he'll get weighed later today after his bath and before we attempt to feed him anything.

I remember that it rains a lot in Oregon. My dad used to live there, in Salem.

We're trying to keep Puff as warm as in the summer, between the heater and the lamps, but even though he gets the same artificial photoperiod year round, he can still tell that there's not as much light coming in the windows.

I agree that we've all got covid-cabin fever and I can't wait for the vaccines. We did some Zoom meetings with family members for Thanksgiving, and we're hoping to do it again for Christmas. Some of them had trouble getting the technology to work so we ended up just talking on the phone. Zoom makes it almost like being there in person, but not quite.

I worry about my husband every time he goes out to do the grocery shopping, but he wears his mask and tries to stay away from everyone, so that's all we can do. I'm sure the isolation, not to mention what it's doing to the economy, is not doing any good for anyone's mental health. I'm used to being isolated myself, but then maybe that's why I get depressed so often. :(

So we have the usual weekend stuff planned except that my husband went to Costco for groceries and pizza, so lunch and then critter care when he gets back (Puff and his little batch of remaining live roaches). Then probably lay around and goof off and listen to podcasts and play silly card games with the computer. My husband doesn't get to do "nothing" often enough during the week, so we have to do it on the weekends. :mrgreen: Have a nice one...

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So Broly dropped 29g. Not really noticeable unless you put him on the scale. You wouldn't have known otherwise. I have heard stools can weigh as much as 25g. The way his bathroom schedule is Im not surprised it can weigh that much. He also doesn't eat much after a bathroom break so that contributes.

We definitely have covid cabin fever. I don't go anywhere but 3 hours to visit parents. I have heard vaccines are working their way through United Kingdom so we can hope it works and not the opposite.

Tom works with a mask on because he has other vets working there too. No people coming inside but sometimes if he can't save an animal he ends up putting it to sleep in their backseat of their car/truck. What else can he do people can't go inside. Of course he then has to remove the animal.

We still doing 14 hours of lights and 10 hours off. Broly isn't completely asleep but he's definitely slow. He still has the usual hour of wake/warm up then he gets some food/calcium or vitamin depending on what day it is.

I finally got to cleaning out my hamster cage monthly. She has a huge cage so she doesn't need a weekly clean out. Same with the hedgehog. Wednesday is still lizard cage clean out including bug tanks. Leopard geckos are on Thursday. I guess that's it for now. Kane snd Jamie are still well holding weight. It's about 5-10g drop each week or so. It depends on if they use the bathroom or not and eating.

Good luck with zoom. We're also thinking of using it to connect with Tom's family in Tennessee.


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Puff and Broly are in the same boat with weight. We try to keep in mind that when you weigh a beardie (or any animal for that matter, including humans), it's hard to get the "net weight" because there are 3 things that are just passing through: food, water, and poop. When we weigh Puff, my husband keeps track of whether it's a "before poop" or an "after poop" weight.

Puff's "after poop" weight was down to 488 grams this last Saturday. He's been eating squash and a little Repashy grub pie, which is good nutrition for him as well as good hydration, but very few roaches. Fortunately, the roaches aren't growing too fast because they're kept pretty cool, around 65-70 degrees F, which is fine because I really don't want to end up with a breeding colony to care for, even though it would save $.

We have gotten some covid vaccines shipped here to Alaska, but they are being given first to frontline people (doctors and nurses, etc) and not expected to go out to everyone for a couple of months yet, which is as it should be, as far as I'm concerned. A few people have had allergic reactions, and they are also trying to keep track of "flu-like symptoms" which could probably just be due to the person's immune system reacting to the vaccine, and could probably just mean that it "took." Lots of illness is caused by an immune system overreaction and not by the virus itself. So I for one am looking forward to getting the vaccine :blob5: , and as you say, hoping that it works. After that, I may be more anxious and willing to get out of the house, now that I haven't had a choice for so long, and that would probably be good for me.

Yes, it's rough for people not to be able to be with their pets at the vet, especially it they need to be euthanized :cry: . I agree that Tom is doing the best he can under the circumstances.

Puff is getting the same artificial photoperiod as Broly, and sometimes he basks for a couple of hours and then goes in his hide. So between that and not eating enough to get much in the way of vitamins and calcium, I hope he's getting enough food and UV to prevent MBD. That's all we need, :roll: in addition to everything else.

You sure have a lot of critters to clean up after, but it sounds like you've got it on a good schedule. We're only up to cleaning up after one reptile, but we don't have to change out the stuff in the tank very often, because we can usually spot clean whenever Puff has an accident. How much we have to clean out depends on where it happens. Otherwise it's pretty easy when he does it in his bath, except that the hydration sometimes gets cut short -- not going to let him continue to soak in poopy water.

My husband is planning to host a drop-in and drop-out Zoom meeting for family members, and he invited everyone who he has email addresses for. We are likely to have only a few if any, because so far we haven't gotten a commitment to attend from anyone. So we may end up doing it the old fashioned way and talking to some of them on the landline phone. :mrgreen: (Soooo 20th century)

Here's a TLDR for Christmas -- have a nice one. :wink:

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Kane and Broly are up now. Two crazy boys! We have rounds of black bearding, head bobbing and stomping. Maybe it’s weather, it’s unusually warm for January....supposed to be cold again.

Ive been extremely busy during Christmas and New Years.
Ordered UVB for this and next year. We change yearly so no problem ordering for two years.

Broly is back to that attempt to attack because he’s hungry so now I’ll make bigger salads (only made small because he wasn’t eating much and wasteful of food) I guess they’re gonna have to be bigger bowls now. It’s easy to make a lot of food. Kane has been eating then stomps and eats again LOL. Broly just black beards and head bobs and eats tons. They’re definitely competing like every year. December Broly lost 29g. He’s gonna lose more due to spring fever now. Jamie is slowly getting up no sign of eating yet.

Broly is officially 6 years old! He’s agitated af! Spring fever is both funny and annoying (trying to coax him to eat). Kane will eat at least a good amount before going crazy. Broly not so much. He will ignore food for days on end till he’s hungry enough or tired of going nuts for a female friend.
Winry and Jamie are the females the boys will not have. After losing 29g I want him to gain some back but he will not unfortunately. Food is not of concern. He will lose more weight between potty, spring fever and not eating. I fully expect it to happen.

Jamie just eyeballs the boys going crazy for her attention. She’s 7 years old she can care less what they want LOL. She’s probably just enjoying the show as she wakes up. Imagine a 4 year old and 6 year old competing for a 7 year olds attention it’s just funny I know dragons don’t care. Jamie is just too sassy for them. Im glad we don’t let them pair up. Jamie probably wouldn’t let it happen or will she? Yeah I don’t wanna find out. I have no time for eggs or babies.

Geckos are doing fine and so are our bugs that we had to recover from a power outage from bad winds which we’re having more of. Gotta love winter in Oregon...

That’s all that’s going on for now will update later.


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Sounds like your boys have definitely gone hormonal :lol: I hope they don't drive you too crazy before they're done. A little early in the season, but I know that these guys don't always follow the local seasons. As I've said before, some of them seem to have their biological clocks set for the southern hemisphere :? A few years ago, Puff used to go hyper and blackbeardy and headbobby right around the winter solstice, but now I can't remember when the last time was. I'd almost welcome it now because it appears that he hasn't been healthy enough to even think about making little dragons. He'll be approximately 9 years old this spring, and he's either getting geriatric or it's the adenovirus, or maybe a little of both.

Puff is living on mostly squash these days, with occasionally a little Repashy Grub Pie and a roach or two. Some days he doesn't eat anything at all, although we offer. At least the squash is helping him stay hydrated, but it's making for orange squashy poops -- what goes in one end is what comes out the other end. :roll: Fortunately, his weight is still hovering at just below 500 grams, and I suppose that's about the best we can hope for given that he's not eating much. He hasn't been hiding so much lately though -- stays on his basking platform and either gives us "The Look," or else just zones out. Sometimes he flattens out in a corner and looks like someone let the air out of him.

His latest trick is falling on his back while trying to go "downstairs" to get in his hide, and then having a heck of a time turning back over. I worry that if I'm taking a nap or something and don't notice right away, that he might not be able to breathe until I get to him to help flip him back over, but the vet said he won't suffocate right away, and was more concerned about him getting injured in the fall. Hopefully that won't happen, except for maybe a sprain, because we have him surrounded by towels and soft things, knowing that he's a klutz. No rocks and driftwood for this beardie! We have a nice ramp for him to get up and down -- I crocheted a cover for it with little ridges that he can use like stairs, but he doesn't always use it and goes down the hard way instead. We're trying to figure out some way to rearrange things so he doesn't have that option, but lately he almost always seems to find a way to get himself upside down sooner or later. :banghead:

We've been having a pretty mild winter around here so far, but it's not over yet. My husband decided to invest in a snowblower after spending hours and hours shoveling and being exhausted -- he's not as young as he used to be, and I'm 10 years older than him and completely useless when it comes to shoveling snow :oops: , although I used to help 21 years ago when we were first married. That's what happens when you marry someone that much older than you -- sooner or later you get stuck with all the hard work. Poor guy :( . Anyway, we haven't had another major snow dump since he got the new machine, so he's only had a small chance to test it. We'll see how it goes.

Enough TLDR for now, huh? :mrgreen:

PS I don't remember hearing about Winry -- so you got another female beardie?

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It’s time for an update.

It got nice today and Sunday is raining at least in the morning. Jamie is awake fully and eating well. Everyone made it through brumation fine. Jamie and Kane had 12 hours of light during that time. Now everyone is back on 14 hours. Broly been on 14 because he has an aggressive form of mbd. I think 12 would do harm because he has a genetic and aggressive form of mbd. It may be aggressive but it never makes him army crawl which is great! He definitely got this mess from his mother. She passed it onto his egg as well as his siblings. He was awake just slow he also ate.

Winry is Paul’s dragon and he still lives with us. She’s 1yr old now and 19” long. Same breeder that sold us Kane just different litter. Kane will be 5yrs old in July and Jamie I guess will be senior (or already is) in September as she turns 8yrs old.

Tom doesn’t seem to care if he has to do animal work after actual work. Especially since I haven’t been feeling well. I suppose that’s the update. We’re also gaining 5 mins a day. It’s getting lighter and lighter outside and soon sunset will be 8:40pm here or even 9pm. Plants will wake up around first week of March. I guess that’s it. Brumation went well and Broly didn’t gain or lose weight this month. He’s still 559g. He still lost 29g but at least no additional grams lost.


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I've been out of the loop for the past week or so dealing with one of my episodes of depression :( -- couldn't make myself do anything and I got way behind on my email -- finally feeling just well enough to try and catch up.

It's sunny and frosty outside today, and looks nice from inside the house, but the temperature outside is about 9 below. Oddly enough, I have to turn the heat down because the thermostat is up against an outside wall and reads too low, then it works overtime and makes it too hot in here, believe it or not. :shock:

Glad to hear that your beardies made it through brumation ok, and it sounds like the 14 hours of light is best for Broly because MBD. Puff also gets about 14 hours a day, but it matters how much time he spends basking, too. Lately he's been staying on his basking platform most of the day instead of going in his hide, so that's one good thing. MBD has never been a problem for him, although lately he seems to have trouble standing up on his hind legs and apparently struggling somewhat to move around. I know that may sound like MBD, but the diagnosis was a flare up of adenovirus, plus he's getting a little geriatric -- will be approximately 9 years old this spring if he makes it that far. At least he doesn't seem to be in pain, just listless. Maybe depressed like me?

Yesterday he went "downstairs" and crawled around a little bit -- a bit of an "army crawl" (I guess that's what it's called), then tried to climb back up his ramp but the little klutz went too far to one side and looked like he was going to fall off, and at that point my husband (who was luckily home, because I can no longer reach the bottom of the tank) rescued him and gave him to me to cuddle. He tolerated that for a little while and then got wiggly, so we put him back on the basking platform and he stayed there for the rest of the day. He ended up breathing hard from those small amounts of exertion.

Fortunately, he is still eating just a little, mostly squash and occasionally greens and a little Repashy grub pie, rarely a roach or two, and his weight is fairly stable, still around 500 grams. So we're not giving up on him yet, hoping to keep him as comfortable and healthy as possible under the circumstances. As my husband would say, adenovirus is a "big vacuum cleaner." (In other words, it sucks. :( )

Yes, Jamie's getting to a respectable age and it's sounds like she's in much better health than Puff. Our reptile vet says that in her experience, they are usually getting pretty geriatric when they get into the double digits -- I think the record is somewhere in the late teens, but I don't expect Puff to live that long. Maybe a couple more years, if we're lucky.

We're both lucky to have husbands that don't seem to mind taking up the slack when we're not feeling well. I hope you are feeling better in the meantime.

We're also gaining daylight slowly but it's finally getting noticeable. My husband has been getting off work early lately and it's getting to where I no longer have to turn on the porch light for him. But our sunset is around 5pm now and sunrise at around 9:30am. If all goes as usual, it will be late April before the snow melts, and late May before the frost danger is over so that plants can safely be outside. The winters are long and the summers are short around here. I haven't been out of the house since my last doctor's appointment, unless you count stepping out the back door to get the mail, and trying not to fall. Like Puff, I'm too young to be this decrepit.

Oops -- another TLDR :oops: Puff is sitting on top of one of his thermometers so I have to guess at the temperature, and staring at me...

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Wow, been a while. Dealt with valentines day was pretty busy. Tom and I had a lovely dinner. We went and picked up food since can’t sit down anywhere because covid. I wouldn’t want to anyway even if we could. I would be paranoid about catching it as well as people looking at me. Yeah, don’t really like that.

Ive been getting in with the dentist too since they opened up. The cleaning of my teeth had me down for a few days because pain. I had my teeth done on the 5th of February.

Cats and dogs are fine. They’ve been staying away from the reptiles. Well I should say dog because my other dog is a service dog so he’s trained to only take care of my anxiety. He’s not worried about chasing reptiles and cats. Quill will chase them so he’s an outside dog and he’s quite chill out there. He can go into the heated shed if he’s too cold. He’s fine out there.

Broly had bit of a fall this morning. I was cleaning his potty up and he fell on his back into some of the stool I didn’t get yet. He quickly right himself up and walked off like nothing. He might have saw a bird from the window and got startled. He didn’t fall from very high and it was 5” drop really. He didn’t really hurt himself as he did quickly got off his back. So after cleaning his mess I had to wash him too. I have Dr Bronner baby soap or something of that nature I can’t really remember the name. I heard it was safe as long as he doesn’t drink the water which he doesn’t. He’s ok with our african grey parrot. I don’t think he liked the hawks we have nearby. Broly’s ok is all that matters.

Kane will drink water in the bath as well as dropper so it’s just plain water works well with him. He’s been eating like crazy. I bet he’s gained some grams.

Jamie also eats like a bottomless pit. Spring is first and since she only lays eggs in the summer she might be making eggs now...Idk how this works.

Winry doesn’t seem to care either way. It depends on weather for her. Too cold or stormy, won’t eat. Warm, she will. She’s gained weight and almost 2 yrs old I believe. She hasn’t laid eggs yet so we don’t know if she’s one of the girls who don’t lay or not. We know not every female lays infertile eggs. We know Jamie does. Dragons do kinda get depressed. Ours are depressed because it’s cold and we can’t let them out because cold.

I guess nothing left to say.


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So we didn't do anything special for valentines day, except virtual church since it was on Sunday. There's a catfish place on the way home from where my husband works so sometimes he gets takeout there. We're planning to do that later this month because he has a half day off.

I'm overdo for a teeth cleaning. Our dentist is open for business with precautions but I'm going to wait until we all get our vaccines -- my teeth aren't bothering me much so I figure I can afford to wait. I need to get to the eye doctor too, because my vision has taken a turn for the worse -- I probably need new glasses. Waiting until after covid for that too, and using a magnifying glass for small print in the meantime.

Puff fell on his back the other day, but unlike Broly he doesn't seem to be able to flip himself back over. He slid down his ramp onto a soft surface so it doesn't look like he got hurt. My husband didn't let him struggle too long before he turned him right side up again. He spent most of the rest of the day on the ramp.

It's too bad that some reptiles lay infertile eggs, since making eggs is such a drain on their biological resources. Too bad there isn't some mechanism that tells their body "no sex, no eggs."

We've had fairly nice weather for this time of year -- a little colder than usual some days and not too much snow. Puff doesn't seem to care as long as it's warm in his tank. He's still living on squash and greens and usually no bugs these days -- a switch from what he used to do. We just keep offering and let him do whatever he's going to do. At least he hasn't lost a whole lot of weight so far.

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