Bring Bearded Dragons to your D&D Game!

Hi fellow beardie lovers!

Its been a while since I've been around these parts, life has taken some twists and turns these last few years! (The forum looks great by the way!)
One of those twists is getting into modeling and producing my own miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons (or other games, or just display!)

I certainly couldn't resist making a beardie themed lizard folk, and so I present you with Pancake the Proud! He's live on kickstarter and going into the final week of the campaign. There are miniatures (and bigger options for collectables) as well as pins and stickers and stuff.

Pancake loves basking, loitering, being self-important, not eating his greens, giving the stink eye and trying to avoid the pesky kobolds that believe all the stories about the Legendary Bearded Dragon and are quick persistent with their desire to admire him and shower him with gifts.

brave brave brave brave sir pancake final copy.jpg

I hope you'll check it out on kickstarter!


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