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Yeah, my dragons have finally snapped out of their brumation and have been filling their little faces for a few weeks with good food and calcium. Pretty early considering I'm in northern Canada, usually they sleep till around mid March. So today I intorduced my male to the female only not sure if they actually did the deed. Last year the male did his head bobbling thing and the female waved her arms but this year she just bobbed her head right back. I left the room for about 10 minutes and when I came back my male had a hold of the female but they were just sitting there. I don't think they apprecated me peeking in so I left for another 10min and when I came back they were on oppsite sides of the enclsoure and I took the male out. Perhaps she wasn't being receptive enough. Think I should wait a week or so and maybe introduce them again or just wait and see?


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Introduce them at least three times. New males usually don't really know what they're doing and even if they breed, may miss the spot. If you just wait a month, you could miss out on her being receptive. I would put them out on the floor where the female can begin what I call the chase, if she is ready, she will walk up to the male and egg him on. If they start to fight, separate and try again in a few days. I normally tell people to put their pairs together when the female is most active, there should be a time of day where she is super restless and on the hunt for her mate. This is usually when the girls are most receptive. If they do breed, make sure you get a good look and see if they locked up or not. This way you will know for sure and won't have to sit around guessing for several weeks.


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Wireless camera is only about $40 from and you can watch them from another room.


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Vacren":1ul5ttck said:
Wireless camera is only about $40 from and you can watch them from another room.

Hahahaha something about that just seems weird LOL
I think on the weekend I'll introduce them again, they've both been breed before but I don't think the female was interested at all this time round. No biggie, I'll give her a bit and try again :)


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taransteve":1sc35gap said:
Whoaaa love is in the air ! :love5: :love10: :love5: :love10:

LOL well hopefully eventually. Wasn't even sure if I was going to breed them this year, lot of other breeding projects on the go this year .. that's why I was also tempted to just wait and see, but I think I'll put them together again and see how the female reacts. I have a beautiful white male and his services have also been requested from other bd owners so regardless he'll still get some lovin' this seaon hahaha
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