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BP Rescue

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Yesterday we adopted/rescued a female BP, the same age as our male: four years. However, little Squeak is about the size of a four MONTH old (similar to the size of our Drake when we got him). Squeak's spine is prominent, but not overly so, and she appears to have a small "bump" just beneath her vent/claspers. Not sure what to make of this.

Aside from these issues, she is beautiful in every regard: gorgeous, shiny, and sweet as can be. My guess is that she's been fed perhaps once per month (if that), rather than once per week, for most of her life. All in all, she is in much better shape than the five-year-old beardie we adopted with her.

Here, she will receive proper care and feeding, however my question is this: what are the odds that she will grow to her full, deserved glory, having been stunted for four years running? The size difference between Squeak and Drake (who is 3 1/2 feet+ with plenty of girth) makes me plain sad...

Many thanks,
More than likely she has been stunted, there's a very small chance she will grow to normal length but maybe some girth on her. Please keep us updated with her recovery.


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She is a pretty ball. She will, most likely, be quite stunted though. She is past her growing years now. She will still grow but it will be ever so slightly and slowly. How long is she and what is her current weight?
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