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My beardie seems not to be drinking his water in his cage so the last 2 wks I've been bathing him and he seems to sorta enjoy it and afterwards he seems more "peppy". Also he has a boo-boo that I've been watching and I wanted to see of anyone has any opinions on the boo-boo and the bathing ...



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The behavior around bath time sounds normal to me; my Eri (normally a territorial grumpy pants) magically turns into a sweet cuddle bug after baths!
Lots of dragons prefer to drink from the bath rather than a bowl, too.

Wish I could help with the owie on his lip, you're sure it's an injury or something, not just stuck food?
Is it possible that maybe one of his feeder might have bitten him?
It's really hard to see on the pic, so a close-up shot would be helpful.
If it were outside of his mouth I'd suggest eat applying diluted betadine, but I don't know if that's ok inside the mouth.
Hopefully you get a response soon!!
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