Bogo dragon didn't make it

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So Bogo didn't make it ?? I woke up and he had pooped blood and his tail was bleeding. RIP littl man. I hope you were happy your last week and a few days. I cried and call the shop I got him from and they agreed it had to he something he had before he came home with me.

I cleaned the tank and let it air for a few hours and went back to the store. They gave me an option for my money back or to pick from the new selection. I thought I would just go to another place or online but then this little guy leaped right at the edge toward me.

Idk if we are going to keep the same name or not but I have no regrets.

Instantly this guy ate and moved all around (my other man didn't at all) he is more spunky. But I hope handling him daily will help him calm down


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I'm sorry to hear Bogo didn't make it. Definitely sounds like organ failure or something along those lines. I'm glad you cleaned and sanitized the tank and all furniture in case it was something that could be transmitted to your new guy. He looks nice and healthy though so hopefully he will go on to have a long happy life with you.


One of our two babies died. We didn't realize he was sick - his temps and UVB were fine, but he wouldn't eat/drink or move. He died within two or three weeks. It was heartbreaking, but we dote on our remaining dragon.

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is. You're doing a good job with your new dragon, and know that they both appreciate what you do/did in their lives.
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