Blood in urate


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RJ's last poop seemed fine, however he JUST produced this today. (See photo of blood in urate) I've never experienced one of my dragons having a prolapse, however I wonder if this too occurred with the blood in stool, as there appears to be something hanging from his vent. I bathed him, and some of it came off (appeared to be a bit of sperm plug) still some remains, and seems sensitive to him. He has been clean of parasites for appx 4yrs (give or take a bit). So I'm not sure if it's parasite related, kidney related, (as i sadly suspect kidney issues possibly developing due to a constant interest in water) or I tear due to prolapse, if indeed it is such. Aside from having fecals examined, it's been some time since he's seen a vet since there is none of sufficient knowledge remotely close to where I live. I'm early years of caring for my own dragons I did see one very for a time, however I was deterred from continuing to seek his help as information I received on this site conflicted with this particular vets comments/opinions.
Any thoughts, or ideas would be appreciated. I have saved the stool and will bring it for testing tomorrow. I'm curious if ordering panacur from might be I wise initiative to take.

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Wait to see what the vet says and also to see if it happens again. Sometimes it's just a one time thing.


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Oooooh. Shoot, sorry. I wasn't sure what you meant because I mentioned NOT going to the vet I had before. My bad just got confused for a moment. Your point, being update you with fecal results?

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