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My older (9y) male bearded dragon just pooped with a large amount of viscous blood and I'm not sure what to do. I just got back from being gone for a week so someone else was taking care of him, but nothing he ate should cause any poop color like this. I'm worried sick and don't know when I could take him in. He doesn't have anything around his cloaca that would make me think it's a prolapse and there are no behavioral changes. He did have a black beard a bit earlier but that isn't too abnormal for him considering the time/his temperament. I'm very very worried and any advice at all would be helpful, he's so important to me and I want to do anything I can to help him.


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that almost looks like a blueberry. about the right color too. any of those maybe?


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that almost looks like a blueberry. about the right color too. any of those maybe?
I wish it was but the liquid is definitely blood based on how it cloted up and separated. He also didn’t eat any blueberries while I was gone.

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That is concerning. Do you know what foods he took in while you were gone?
It is hard to tell but his eyes look like they are a bit puffy, is that correct? If they are it's possible
he is having renal issues. Can you get him to the vets on Monday?


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