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So the decision was completely up to Carl, because Xena was his babygirl, and I know no-one else in the world can ever replace her... but he has always wanted to raise a baby dragon, seeing as how 3 of our 4 are rescues, and adults when we took them in...

So darn if they aren't totally like, well as fresnowitte says, P-R-I-N-G-L-E-S-!

So Carl picked out his baby... it'll take a little while to name her, we have to see her personality. Welcome into our hearts, little one... almost 14 inches / 166 grams / crazy hyper personality so far ...

As soon as we got her out of the packaging, she made a bee-line for my son's leg & pancaked out, so CJ got the first real snuggles, he's my little seatwarmer:

Look at that sweet face:


Ooh, soft, what's this?

Yum, salad... nom nom nom...

Hey, lady, I cleaned my plate, can I have more?...

Oh, wait, ...
um, what else was I gonna say? ...
Oh, yeah,

There's MORE!

I had to crop that first picture, look really closely...

did you look really really close?



Barbara was worrying about finding this little guy a special home, and Carl fell in love with him/her too... so he's our "little guy/gal"... Quasi now looks huge, and Crash looks like Godzilla compared to these two!

So meet little guy / 60 grams / 11 inches ... so laid back, just watches everything going on, and eats and eats and eats (hand-fed salad today :mrgreen: )


Just a little stress going from Cali to Ohio...

Bath time! This little one loves to swim already!


Ooh, what's this?


Ooh, what's up here -- slowly progressed up the branches, then just watched us and all the activity in the room for about an hour...




gulfbrzdawn Addict
fresnowitte":2j7lijzu said:
Dawn...Thing 1 never checks her good luck with that one.
I'm thinking about sending her a letter or card. Hope all is okay with her.
Well I did check my emails, hehe and I'm here! :wink: What can I say... I'm a shmuck(sp?) :lol:

Thing 2... your garden looks wonderful and Carlye looks so grown up.


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I may be MIA for awhile, not sure how the next week will play out, so please don't hijack my thread! my father-in-law has been hospitalized (only a few of you knew) ... confirmed for the bladder cancer, surgery removing bladder to do a permanent foley -- but they also are awaiting final biopsy on colon cancer, the outlook is not good... Needless to say, I'm getting hubby off to hospital again today, not sure how much I'll be around for a little while.

Goonie Sicko
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OH MY GOD! Dawn (Thing #1) is back!

Dawn, I am sorry to hear about your father in-law.

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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Dawn, I'll be praying for your f-i-l, I'm so sorry to hear this bad news, but hopefully the surgery & then chemo & ratiation will help. God I hate cancer, it's such a nasy disease. So, if you're not around, we'll all understand. Take care, my friend, hope all goes better than you think right now.
Take care,


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I sent Carl off the hospital, I have to get this house tidy'd up (its a wreck, I've been on strike to get ready for the open air markets LOL I'll be a vendor from July 13 thru September 29 downtown, if you've ever heard of the December "Christkindl Market" its the same thing, only during summer) ... in case family stops over, as well as his 1/2 bro or sis, anyone could knock on the door at any time with all this going on... I was in the middle of adding price tags to all my etsy store items, so the storage bins of etsy stuff have barfed all over the livingroom furniture and tables... and labelling new, and photographing new jewelry, and sewing mugrugs (mini placemats for your desk, larger than a coaster but smaller than a placemat, they are mini quilts for your coffee/tea mug, and if you spill, they help absorb the mess to give you time to save electronics or papers... I got MAXINE fabrics, they are soooo cute!)...

Needless to say, I am rushing to get these done so I can hide all the bins of stuff for the farmer's markets... of course my house was built in the 20's, so I have hardly any closet space, so I gotta find somewhere to stash 'em ... well, after I find the couch and loveseat, that is... LOL ... the etsy bins take up 1/2 the livingroom.

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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I'm sure you'll find room for all your things for sale! You have lots of imagination, so you'll have to imagine storage areas & tuck everything away! Good luck with all that. Do you have all this on your etsy store pages? I'll have to check it out. Good luck with the sale, even though it's not here yet!


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Deb, I only have about 1/4 - 1/2 the items I have created listed live in the store. Sometimes its not worth listing them (it costs me per item to list, then a percentage when something sells)... so if I know someone is truly interested, I'll add the listing. Otherwise, I take the other items to craft shows, etc. -- then there are new items that I am still working on getting good pics of, as well as items that expired in the store listing, but I still have... so loads more in the bins than in the store!

Well, we have some further info from the doctors today, not good news. They had to stop surgery and close him up because the cancers have metasticized to his abdominal area, and has spread completely throughout the area. He knows the brevity of the situation, and has accepted what the final outcome will be. He is in palliative care right now, because he has drain tubes, and ostomy bag, etc... so palliative until they can decide if he can even go home at all with nursing support, or he'll be listed hospice. So loads more answers to get, family is already starting to be weird... you know, how people get weird and greedy when family dies. We refused to get into p!S$ing matches when my mom died, and gram too... still won't, so we'll wait and see how bad it gets. It's just "stuff", people, I cannot understand how family can fight over material crap.

diamc Sicko
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Dawn, I'm SO sorry to hear that your father-in-laws cancer has spread that much. :( The poor man and it is so hard on the family to try to cope with everything.

Hopefully there won't be a lot of arguing over material things, it just isn't worth it. We went through that when my father-in-law passed and Paul and his brother still aren't talking. It's so sad.

Thinking of you and all the members of your family.


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thanks, Diane, we are simple people in that if we have a few things to remember him by, great -- if the family is going to fight over material possessions (which unfortunately is likely, as they are already starting to bicker, and he's STILL ALIVE!) ugh. If that crap starts, we won't have any part of it. Material things are not what life is about... One of my favorite sayings:
Its not the number of breaths we take... its the number of moments that take our breath away...
Family is what is most important. I wish the world would realize that.

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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I wish the world had your attitude, too, Dawn, life is way too short to be hung up on material things. It's the people & how we feel that count. I don't have much, but I have what I need & want & my family & pets are healthy, so I"m happy! I'm sorry there is already bickering going on while your f-i-l is going through all this. You're all in my hearts & I'm hoping he still lives long enough to say goodbye to everyone that matters to him. I'm so sorry.


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lets just say that every family has a nutty member, but hubby's family is full of them. Between greediness, drunkenness and mine-mine-mine gimme attitudes, we'll probably help pack his apartment when the time comes, but will probably walk away from it all just because of the 'tudes. That's ok with us, we aren't rich by any means, we're the average family making ends meet in this horrible economy by being frugal (even teaching our kids to be) -- so we don't ever feel compelled to be stingy or greedy. Its just not in us.

BTW my FIL was a Golden Gloves boxer in the late 50's & early 60's, and a body builder -- he was "Mr. Akron" I think in the late 50's :)


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Dawn- sorry to hear about your F-i-L. I hope everything goes as smooth as possable. :( If he has the strength, he should give his stuff away ahead of time. It would help with some of the fighting. :roll: People can be just awful.
When my Grandpa died I had cousins fighting over a box of food and kitchen items that Mom and I had packed for his elderly neighbor. The woman had done so much for him and they were trying to take food from her! :angry5: It is a good thing DH is so calm. I was ready to punch the jackels!!! :angry5:
I will pray nothing like this happens and for a peaceful passing for your F-i-L. May God be with your whole family.

On a brighter note- Good luck with your sales. :blob8:

Sandy H :mrgreen:


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gulfbrzdawn":a3p47nvt said:
fresnowitte":a3p47nvt said:
Dawn...Thing 1 never checks her good luck with that one.
I'm thinking about sending her a letter or card. Hope all is okay with her.
Well I did check my emails, hehe and I'm here! :wink: What can I say... I'm a shmuck(sp?) :lol:

Thing 2... your garden looks wonderful and Carlye looks so grown up.
Hah! We did drag you outta the ocean!!! Glad to see ya :D we miss you around here!
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