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Blister or Worse?

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I've had my bearded dragon for over a year now. Little to no problems at all but I've noticed this the past couple of weeks. So he likes to stand up in his enclosure and have his belly on the glass a lot, sometimes he slides and tips over and in doing so he'll bump one of his rocks. At first, the spot was a little red so we figured that's what happened but now it's starting to look like a blister or something else. He winces just a bit when you push on the spot so it's starting to irritate him now. Before taking him to the doctor, I wanted to get some opinions. I tend to freak out on the littlest things when it comes to Ted so I'm just nervous for bad news at the vet. Any clue? This is the only spot and he has two heat settings in his enclosure so he's not overheated or nor humanity.

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That looks like a welt. Possibly from rubbing hard against something, not sure though. Is it getting larger? If not, try to protect it and prevent it from bursting which could risk infection. If it doesn't start to reduce in size after a while a vet visit is probably a good idea.
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