Black spots?

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So for the past week or so my youngest boy Yomi has had a few strange spots, mainly on his neck, but a few others scattered around. I've been hearing a lot about Fungus lately and it's got me worried.

So, info:
He's about a year old, lives in a 2' x 4' enclosure that's cleaned weekly, and spot cleaned daily.
He's under two heat lamps, (Two because I live in a cold place so it's hard to keep the large enclosure warm) and a UVB.
Basking spot temperature is 90, cool area is between 60 and 80, depending on time of day, temperature in room, etc.
He gets 10 ml of water once a week with D3 supplement every other week, and any water he drinks in the bath.
He eats a good amount of crickets a day, dusted with calcium twice a week, and as much as he wants of leaf lettuce, celery and carrots.

Anyway, on to the spots.

They showed up a little over a week ago after he shed his head. He's having a little trouble shedding, I don't know if it's related or not. They're smooth, and not bumpy. I gave him a bath and washed them, it oddly seemed to lighten them, but they're still there. Maybe they're excreting something?

Personality wise he's completely normal. He's not acting weird, he's actually been more active than normal. He's had normal poops, and eats as much as he always has.

I've got pictures but a horrible camera so it's hard to see

Normally the areas in the second and third picture are a smooth color with no breaks. They're a lot darker than they look in the picture, it's just hard to get the lighting right.

Here's probably the best shot I got, the spots higher on his head were never there before either

Without the red:


On a kind of different note, is it okay to help the shedding? There are pieces hanging off around his legs, will it hurt him if I pulled them? I wanted to check before doing it, but honestly I think they bother me more than him. I'll probably leave them but just in case.

Please help me!

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I wish I could help you with the black spots, but I don't know. It could be some kind of mold or fungus, but that is purely a guess. Someone else may be able to help you with that.

As for helping with the shedding, it's really not a good idea to pull the skin off. You're helping by giving your bd baths. Like you said it's bothering you more than it's bothering him.


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I have seen that type of marking on a dragon while back on here.
What is your humidity in your tank?
It is possible that it is fungus or mold type of issues.
How long have they been on there for or that you have noticed them?
Helping with shed is a tricky thing. It is OK, if the skin is already flaking off but do NOT peel it off when it is not ready as you can damage the underlying scales that have not finished developing yet.
Have you tried bathing him, using a soft toothbrush to gently scrub at those areas? We can discuss yellow fungus treatment, if you would like.



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Thankfully it's not a mold or fungus.

I took him to my vet today, it turns out it's a normal, and harmless, overproduction of pigment in the scales. He assured me there were no signs of infection, i.e swelling, skin irritation, etc, and told me to come back if there were any more concerns with the area.

He's been working with lizards for years, and owned several dragons so I assume he's right, and I'm inclined to think so because Yomi has been totally normal other than the spots.

Also, I feed him outside of his tank by hand.

So he's okay! I'm just happy he's safe.
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