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black spot on tail


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Hi everyone,

We're posting here because we're concerned it might be urgent. We are worried about a black spot at the base of our beardie's tail (see photo). We've read about tail rot and as far as we understand it typically begins at the tip of the tail. Can it also begin at the base?

When she shed about a month ago the tail skin did not shed, and the black spot more or less marks the point between where the skin shed and where it didn't, so we're thinking it's perhaps related to that? It does not seem to be growing, has been about the same size for several days now.

We'd be grateful for any insight!

B & L



BD.org Sicko
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Due to the size of the spot, I'd keep a close eye on it. Take photos regularly so you can compare. If it starts to look worse or expand, it may be worth having a vet take a look and possibly test a skin sample to see whats going on.


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thanks for the response. we'll keep a close eye and keeping taking photos to see if it grows, and will take her to the vet if it gets worse
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