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Black Spot on chin

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Hello. So I came home from work and I noticed right away that my beardie had a black spot on his chin. I tried getting a q tip and water and thought it was just he was dirty but it didn’t come off. I later found out from my sister that he was struggling under his log to get out when she walked by so idk if he scraped himself or bruised himself. I have anti bacterial ointment but idk if that will do anything. I’ve attached a picture because I really have no clue what it could be. Also his basking temp is 100 to 110


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That looks like he scraped his chin up a little bit! It does happen though, but he should be
fine. What type of antibacterial product do you have? You can use raw unpasteurized honey
or neosporin/polysporin antibiotic ointments to help.
Is he acting normal otherwise?



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Hello. Yeah once she told me I figured he got a little scrape. I just checked it’s silver sulfadiazine which was persecuted by the vet a while back due to him being scraped up from his previous owners and I do also have antibiotic ointment. I don’t know which one is better to use.
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