Black Scale dropped off to leave black root?


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MY son has a Beardie - will be about 5 years old.

He had a black scale which has now fallen off and left a black root in his skin. See the pictures which show the lost scale as well as the black root which is left. Is this something which needs a vet visit?

He isnt showing any signed of distress or being under the weather. Eating and pooing OK and seems to be himself


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Hi there, just put a dab of diluted betadine on it twice a day and it should be fine. Raw honey [ unpasteurized like from a health store or farmer's market ] can help too if you have any.


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Thanks for the reply. What actually is it? My son is a worrier and has decided it is scale Rot and that it is going to spread and Puff (dragons name) is going to die unless he goes to the vet urgently, so would be good to be able to say what it is.

Also is beta done just a disinfectant and where is best place to get it from? Would any chemist have it?

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It could have been an insect bite, do you feed him crickets ? Don't leave any loose insects in the tank. Other than that, just a pretty much harmless blemish , just like all creatures including we humans get. :) Betadine is aka povidone iodine, in the U.S. any pharmacy sells it off the shelf. Try not to worry, if it by chance gets worse you can get it looked at by a qualified reptile vet but this won't be anything serious.

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