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Ok when you get home please start applying some raw unpasteurized honey to her lips this can be found in the organic section of the grocery store - an example of this is Manuka honey -- use a q tip please do not feed any crickets in the tank they will go straight for her lips -- the honey is going to kill any infection going on -- and will promote healing - the UVB is also going to help -- please get some water in her if you can drop on her nose to see if she will lick it off --- what wattage basking bulb did you get ? I would start off w/ a 100 watt and go from there but you need those 2 digital probe thermometers I posted earlier

AHBD Sicko
The dark area is inflammation and dried blood. Honey will be very helpful as Karrie mentioned, as well as getting the superior uvb. Be sure that the vet you see has experience with reptiles, they might prescribe antibiotics. If you need to do any syringe feeding go in from the side of her mouth, not the front . Hope your baby bounces back from this !

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