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I have recently purchased a baby bearded dragon who is very alert, active and seems quite healthy. My one concern is sometimes he or she gets black lines under its chin, I have read this could be due to stress and or low temperature(Temp right now is 110 in its basking spot). They quickly form and and go away most of the time. As a matter of fact from the time i started this post the have already gone away. I do not over handle the baby and never take it out of its cage (I hold it while in its cage) so i do not think it is stress. It eats plenty, enjoys running around and catching the crickets. If pictures would help with figuring it out I will do so I just want to make sure my new little friend is 100% A-OK.


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I don't think u have anything to worry about at this point. They are called stress marks & beardie's display these marks for many diff reasons. As long as they are going away after a few mins, I think everything is fine, especially if u just brought him/her home. It's proabably just re-location stress. The only time you would really need to worry about this is if your beardie ever displays a dark black beard for a long period of time (more then a day) as this could mean that your beardie could be in pain or discomfort.



I have a new baby and he has lines under his chin and belly all of the time.... I thought this was just part of his markings and colorations. He has always had them and they have never gone away. Am I wrong? Is he maybe stressed or in pain?
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