Black beard after fall... persisting for hours

Our adorable Paisley got squirrelly when I was tucking her in for the evening (letting her fall asleep on me... usually this is something she throws a tantrum about if she doesn't get to do it), so she ran off of me and them jumped off of the couch. This is only about an 18" drop, but she definitely didn't do it gracefully, and onto hardwood flooring.
Afterwards she ran away, then turned around and began just sort of flailing in place. I moved her to the carpet and she calmed down, wild-eyed and breathing heavy and darkest black beard I have seen... but very alert, and didn't seem to be limping or moving strangely. After that ordeal, she was perfectly content to fall asleep on me, and her beard faded a bit to gray, but then when we tried to put her in her bed, she was dark black and wide-eyed again.
Not sure what to do... wait until morning to see if still dark bearding? And if so... then what? Vet x-ray? I gently touched parts of her body and nothing seemed to make her wince or wiggle, but these little fellas hide their pain so much sometimes...

PS. She just laid 23 eggs this past week, so I also get nervous that she could be more fragile than usual...

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That is a bit of a fall onto a hardwood floor. Since you mentioned she wasn't limping, hopefully her bones are ok.
I would be worried about possible internal bruising, etc. All you can do is watch her behavior right now & if she starts
acting differently, or limping, black bearding all day you should try to get her into a vet for x-ray to check on her system.
Let us know how she is doing!



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When she woke up in the morning, her beard was back to orange, and she has had a healthy appetite and seems to be moving normally, so I hope she is okay.
It's possible she hurt herself, but she is also such a drama queen that it is hard to tell (but I had never seen her beard this dark or for this long. Still, she has gone all day without a dark beard today, so I'm hoping that's a good sign?)

Drache613 Sicko
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Great news then, perhaps she did sprain or bruise herself. At least her beard is back to normal, so it's fine to be cautiously
optimistic she has no injuries. Hopefully she is injury free. Since she did eat & didn't seem to have any trouble moving around
everything sounds good!


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