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Is a UVB T5 and halogen basking light enough to grow plants for an enclosure? Using an Arcadia 22inch and par38 flood bulb. Currently have some basil, rosemary, and dracena plant.

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I was able to keep kale alive under tank lighting for quite a while. It didn't grow very quickly but it seemed to stay healthy. I just had it in pots in the tank for Dundee to eat if he wanted it.

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I've found distance from the lamp makes a big difference. At about a foot away my two bulb grow light is doing splendid for my succulent garden but at 3+ feet away my whole dragon lighting setup wasn't enough to keep greens from getting leggy and sad. A LED flood did a good job though. A dedicated LED, tube or CFL flood might be needed but you might have to try and see what works. Heat generating lights might scorch plants.


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I've got rosemary in front corner of got side. Basil is on cool side back corner which she loves btw. Just got back from The Home Depot and got a opuntia cactus to add in too.
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