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to start this off all the people that are going to comment " :angry5: THIS WILL KILL YOUR BEARDIE :angry5: " go away i dont want you opinion. but to all the people that do believe in this i have a few questions. i have read that a coconut husk, sand and dirt mix is good but is there anything better? do you need a false bottom or can you just have the normal substrait touching the bottom of the cage. also what are the best "bugs" to have in the tank. i know of spring tails and thats it. thanks in advance :blob8:

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If you have the space and it's set up properly, it's a good option. I would ask Taterbug about her setup. She uses bioactive substrate and it seems to have worked well for years.


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Yeah, I was going to recommend talking to Tater also. She has had a bioactive set up for the last several years. I know she really likes it as it takes minimal care and is more natural appearing.


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This guy called "the bio dude" has some articles on bioactive substrates with diff reptiles and amphibians. He also sells kits with premises soil and clean up bugs.

Very interesting reads
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