Hi I have a a question. I've been thinking about bindweed. Apparently its edible for bearded dragons. Do you think this is something that I could use as ground cover in a viv? I dont have a bioactive setup but I would like to at some point soon. This stuff is pretty hardy. Its viney and seems to withstand heat and drought relatively well. It has a pretty deep root system which is the only drawback that I can think of. Ever hear of this being a thing? I'm sure I'm not the only one to have thought of this. I think this would make a nice enclosure even if it isnt necessary an Australian classic

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possible brumation
oh yeah also hes massive now and he broke his hammock
Can beardies eat Mustard Greens? Hope so I bought some along with some Cilantro. Needed to try something different. He won't eat his broccoli or cauliflower he used it eat it. So I thought I'd give it a try.
HELP what's happening with my beardie!!he has a lifted up scale and it has shedding in a circle around it I noticed it for the first time yesterday and I have no idea what it is and when I shine a flashlight on him it's yellow around the scale what do I doooo
substrate looks scrumptious
My female bearded dragon has recently started gasping for air all the time. She can’t get sleep or really do anything because she has such a difficult time breathing. I think it might be a RI but I’m not completely sure. Any thoughts?

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