best place to get crickets online??

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I'm going to order crickets online and I'm trying to find the best cheapest place to get them.

where do you order yours from? And why did you chose that place?


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I'm looking for another supplier too.

I just found out the 500 crickets I ordered is actually less than 200!!

I'm waiting for a response (email phone call or more crickets) before I FLAME THEM!!
FishboneNC":2f6sym44 said:
I'm looking for another supplier too.

I just found out the 500 crickets I ordered is actually less than 200!!

I'm waiting for a response (email phone call or more crickets) before I FLAME THEM!!

Unless you counted them or you breed crickets( or any feeders for that matter), I highly doubt that they sent you only got 200 on your 500 order. Its really hard to tell by eyeballing so be sure of what you are claiming before u start flaming. Just a thought


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Math is easy!

"Approximately" 15 crickets twice a day equals 30 crickets times 6 days equals ...180
I ordered 500 crickets...FedEx delivered on 10/24 (next day shipping)...6 days later I only have about 6 left!
The shipping box was kept in a feeder tank with a screen cover.
I would shake out enough for a few days and store them in a Lee's cricket keeper. Tape up the shipping box and store it again in the feeder tank.

Each time I did that a few crickets were in the feeder tank...I 'guess' they escaped from the shipping box.

A 'few' escaped in my house.

Being new to raising a beardie I'm trying to do the best I can to provide the best quality of life I can.
I'm very careful on what and what quantity I feed my guy.
I tried to feed him 20 crickets and 18 phoenix worms, after he ate, he turned real dark and fell asleep...I felt that was too much...(I know that feeling!) 15 crickets and 12 worms and he would finish off his greens in between meals.
That seemed like the right quantity.

As for flaming, I believe stuff happens etc and I'm upset I have to re-order (somewhere) quickly and get crickets from the pet store.
A web based company has someone taking orders, I ordered around 11am, received my order the next day around the same time, they know how to take the order and ship it!
As for the complaint I sent them at 11am, I left 2 different email addresses and a phone far it's been around 10 hours and no response. (I'm east coast as well as them)

I hope this is an isolated issue, .....I will give them another day!


I went with because they guarantee live delivery and were cheap. They did not dissapoint. They got their live crickets into NY despite Hurricane Sandy. Most of the crickets were alive when delivered.


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- you can not keep crickets alive for 6 days in the same box they were shipped in. You need to transfer them to a well ventilated container as overcrowding and waist can cause death. You need to provide food and a water source every day and clean out any dead crickets and waist (cricket poop) on a daily basis to keep crickets alive. Also even dead cricket caracasses left in a container can cause more crickets to die.

Also you should feed a juvenile bearded dragon as many crickets or roaches as they can eat in 10 minutes 3 times a day. at around 6-8 months you can reduce those feedings to twice a day. (I may not be exact on the ages). I think at 12 months you can reduce it to once a day, and then at 18 months you can go down to feeding about 35 superworms a week, or 50 large crickets a week.


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Thanks LauraJ...I ordered from Armstrong, fast shipping and lively crickets.

Thanks Ashley, I didn't know that.
The first shipment box had screen vents on each side, I think that's how some got out.
There were only a couple of dead crickets.

This new shipment is in a regular vents, I'll transfer them.
I put a few dozen in the Lees box, both the lees and the shipping box (soon to be transferred) has Fluckers orange cubes, I also put some left over greens in there too.

I'll be more diligent on cleaning up the mess too!

I thought I read everything!! Thanks for telling me THREE feedings a day!!
I was so worried of over feeding him and turning him into a "Fatso" and here I am under feeding him!
I'm going to add another feeding to the schedule!

I work swing shifts and I have to find a good middle point to wake all my pets and feed them within an hour from week to week as I change shifts.

How long in between feedings?

Sorry for hijacking your thread saulANDcharlie


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I used and was happy with them. I was overwhelmed with all the companies so I went with the one I saw on dirty jobs. now if I need crickets I will order from them again but as of right now my baby will not eat crickets.


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Oh and I have ordered from ghann's twice as well. Both times I got fast shipping, lots of live and active crickets, hardly any dead ones. The second batch I got was a little more aggressive and when I emailed they told me they were outsourcing due to low stock. but I just got an email saying they have the new banded crickets so I am going to order from them again.


i just got my crickets from I dont think they have them on their website but they have them up for aucion a lot on facebook, other then that I get my crickets from our local reptile show we have every two weeks here. i pay 18 for 1000


I have been using Flukers for the past few few months. I am not sure that I am all that happy with them. I typically order 1,000 crickets at a time (I am just feeding one dragon that is just under 4 months). I know they can eat a ton at this age.
1 - I do not believe that I am getting anywhere close to 1,000 crickets in the orders I have been placing. I have been placing an order a week and when I empty the crickets from my order into the keeper that I built it looks like a few hundred as opposed to 1,000.
2 - I overlooked the beetles but I am going to add this to my list
3 - The last order I placed was right before Sandy. I 100% understand the issues caused by the storm. I live in PA and we got hit pretty good. I had ordered for overnight shipment (priority overnight). I received confirmation that the crickets shipped on Thursday. They were supposed to have arrived Friday morning/afternoon. They ended up not arriving until Saturday afternoon around 1:00pm. By the time they reached me more than half of them had expired from the cold weather. I understand this was not directly Flukers fault, however I would have decided against overnight priority and had gone with a heat pack in the order had I known they would be a day late. To add to this, had I received 1,000 crickets in my order the week prior I would have been ok supply wise. I ended up having to drop $53 bucks at Petco for crickets while I waited for the other shipment to arrive.

I sent Flukers an email on item 3 and have yet to hear back from them.

I just placed an order with for 2,000 crickets. I am hoping all works out with them.


so far i have not seem to have been under cricketed yet! i obviously dont count my crickets but they last about the same amount everytime so im pretty certain all is good!
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