Best Lighting fixture for 22' UVB reptusun 10.0 tube?

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Hello everyone, I'm having an incredibly hard time finding a lighting fixture for my UVB tube that is not the hoods you put over the cage. Every post or link I've gone to with a suggested under the cabinet fixtuer is either 404ed or the product is no longer available. Currently we have a black light tube fixture from walmart mounted in the cage but as it doesnt have any sort of reflector I'm concerned with it not getting to my guy properly. Anyways any help is much appreciated pulling my hair out trying to find a proper fixture. Not sure how to post pictures but when I figure out I'll post one of his tank setup .

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Hi there,

You can upload pictures to the site using this link:

From there you can copy and paste the XIMG code for your picture to your post.

If you have a fixture that works already, that is fine. You can make your own reflector out of Aluminum foil. Just try to keep it as smooth as possible. Most reflectors are made of aluminum anyways. When I tested DIY Aluminum foil reflectors to factory made reflectors, there was a very nominal difference in output >5%. And that could have been attributed to me simply not being as careful as I could be with keeping it smooth and wrinkle free.

That would be the quickest cheapest solution.

But if you'd just like to buy a new fixture with a reflector, I can probably link you to one. I used to have a go to one for recommendation but have found there is a chance the reflectors on them don't actually work. So until that get's sorted I hesitate to recommend them.



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Brandon thank you so much for info! I will definetly be making a reflector from aluminum foil for the time being, it would be awesome if I get a link to that fixture, sorry I'm not sure how to directly reply to you with DM, never really been on a dedicated forum apologies for not being able to utilize it properly.
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