Best Food for my Beardie - I do not trust google


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Hello, everyone!

My beardie is currently on a mealworm/cricket, kale, and bell pepper diet that she's pretty much getting sick of. What are some other greens/veggies that are safe for my dragon?

TIA :)


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You can also look into feeding her different flowers. Like dandelion, hibiscus and such. Mine love those :)

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In addition to what has been said above, try to offer variety. That will let them choose what they want at a given time. Their tastes may vary (as you're seeing) and that's OK. You can come back to the crickets, kale and bells later. Try some zucchini/squash cut into little worm shapes, some mustard greens, and some chopped up green beans and see how that goes. Then maybe try some shredded collards, a cut up blueberry, and some black soldier fly larvae. Trying some various flowers as mentioned is also a good idea. My guy loves the zucchini flowers when they're available. Stick with whatever looks freshest at the market and don't be afraid to try 2-3 things at a time on rotation and see how they go over.


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Pick them from the ground. Maybe just not from places you know are a lot of dogs going for a stroll. Many you xan grow on your balcony, like horn violet, forget-me-not and hibiscus


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Please not from a florist - as they will likely be sprayed with pesticides.
I'd also suggest growing them if you have a balcony, and otherwise picking.

What also works well are herbs, just potted herbs (you can also put them in the enclosure with the pot so they are as fresh as possible). For that, either grow them from seeds (outside of the enclosure, and only putting them in when large enough) or getting organic potted herbs from the veggie section in a supermarket.
My dragon is used to eat from live plants, as this also gives him access to fresh leafy greens when I'm away for a day or two.
The zucchini flowers are often available at farmer's markets (these are the male flowers they remove). But if you have a balcony and are into giving it a try: Zucchini grows well in pots.

(I have the herbs, sadly can't grow the flowers as the climate is too harsh here, but from my gardening experience in more moderate climates, all those grow well.)

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