Besides paper towel and tiles....what else?

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I was searching for something that was apparently paper based, but looked like pellets and was recommended so the dragon can do some digging he's been dying to do. I just hate how the paper towels keep getting pushed backed, and no matter what I weigh it down with, Maxymus will relocate it out of his way. What are these paper pellet things and are they pretty widely used or am I mixing different things up?


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I'm not sure what the paper pellet things would be but you could also try reptile carpet. I was having the same problem with Loki moving paper towels and put carpet down and it doesn't move at all.

Are you sure Maxymus is a boy? Just wondering if he could have eggs.


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Oh yes, lol, he's a boy. He normally likes to scratch at the ground when he wants out but he tries bunching up his paper towels when sleeping when picking out a spot to lay. I figured using something he could dig in besides sand would help him get comfortable. I think this is the stuff I am trying to find out more about:


Hi, I think the paper pellets thing you mentioned is called "Yesterdays News" cat litter. I think they sell it in Walmart. It's like long skinny hard pellets. I just got it to see if Kracken will use it as a litter box or digging box thing. (so far he used it as a litter box today)


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I just made a digging box for Dudley with alfalfa pellets (Rabbit food) and he loves it. :D He slept in it one night, and he has been chillin' in it all day today LOL.
The biggest problem with alfalfa pellets as a substrate for the whole viv is that they get moldy really easily. But Dudley only goes to the bathroom in a specific area of his viv, and I have no standing water in it so mold really isn't an issue. Alfalfa is actually safe for beardies to eat (Although chowing down on the alfalfa pellets in large amounts wouldn't be good) and since the pellets are made for rabbit food, they are digestable.

Another dig box substrate to check into is millet. I wanted to use that because it looks kind of like sand (It comes in tan or red) but I couldn't find any plain millet, and the bags of mixed millet/sunflower seed were $14 vs. a $4 bag of rabbit pellets.


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Maxymus":2mg3olxi said:
That sounds a bit right, is it pretty safe?

I use Yesterday's News for a dig box in Phred's cage and he loves it.. I have never had an issue with him trying to eat it either.. but the rabbit pellets sound good too as long as you clean it out at least once a week.


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I might give the Yesterday's News a try, that way he can dig out a comfortable spot to lay in, thanks everyone!
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