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Hi everyone!

This maybe should go into a health section of the site - I’m not sure ?

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on if it matters what time of day/evening Bene Bac should be given to your dragon?

My girl is 7.6 years old - and she’s a sweetheart ❤️
I have used the BeneBac gel before, usually when she has awoke from brumation (usually she wakes up each March) to get her tummy back in working order. It’s always seemed to work well for her. The past 2 years I haven’t used it on her because she has woken up pretty ravenous.

Well, the last month or so, she hasn’t been eating per usual (she has always been QUITE the mega eater ?)

Her poop looks really good, and she has been pooping normally - though definitely not as often because her food consumption is down. She has been drinking when she gets a bath and there is no noticeable weight loss - she’s a big girl - but I do need to weigh her.

Anyhow I went ahead an ordered some Bene Bac to see if that might get her back to normal - if it doesnt we will be taking a trip to the vet just to rule out any other health issues (parasites/worms/something else)

My question is - do y’all think it matters “when” the Bene Bac is given? I read a post once saying it’s best to be given during basking time - at optimal heat - but then I tried to remember if I did that on previous Bene Bac doses over the years ... and I can’t recall when I dosed her

I just gave her a dose, and she crawled up on my chest, did the beardie wiggle, and is drifting off to beardie dream land. ? It’s 7pm so it her normal bedtime anyhow.

So - what's yalls opinion? or is it in the actually directions and I looked over it ... like a specific time of day or circumstance? I appreciate your thoughts SO much!!!! Thank you!
- Em

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I usually offer probiotics on the opposite side of the day from when I offer antibiotics. I'm not sure if it matters much though. After meds are done I don't think it matters when you offer it. Do be careful with benebac though as it contains a bacterial strain that can be harmful to humans. Just be careful to wash your hands thoroughly after touching it and after touching anything that came in contact with dragon poop.


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Oh definitely! Bene Bac leaves a weird feeling film on your skin if you touch it! It’s feels so weird!

Thanks for the input! I’m hoping this will do the trick and get her tummy back on track. It always has in the past, so maybe it will again. ??
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