Bene bac powder help please!

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I was wondering if anyone knows how I give my Dragon the bene bac powder? She's our rescue and is on antibiotics for a respitory infection.

She isn't eating right now so can I mix it with water and syringe feed it to her? And if so how much do I give her. She's 520 grams.

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I am sorry your post got missed!
The benebac is very easy to give. You can mix a small scoop or 1/8th of a teaspoon or so up with water, or diluted apple, grape or cranberry juice, daily to help out.
Or, you can just simply mix it with her food, if you are giving baby food, greens, etc.
Are you keeping her warm overnight around 80 since she has a respiratory infection?



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Ok thanks. Yeah I have been mixing it with water and giving it to her in the mornings.
Yeah she has a respitory infection, I had actually emailed you about it because we just finshed anti biotics with her and you suggested we ask our vet about nebulizer treatments. We have an appointment Sunday with her so we will be bringing that up.

Thanks for getting back to me about the bene bac glad I've been doing it right mixing it with water. It has helped her appetite so much and she's eating lots again. And yes we keep her between 80-85 at night with her ceramic heat emitter.

Thanks again! :)
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