Behavior and Feeding issues


I am having some issues with Summer and wanted to know if this is normal behavior. She is almost 2 years old female. I just got her recently 3 weeks ago.

She is being lethargic, mostly stays in one spot and doesn't go to her basking spot. When she is cold to the touch I put her on her basking spot and she stays there.

She is also not eating greens, I tried hand feeding her different veggies 90% of the time she doesn't eat. However, she does get excited when I give her bugs like dubia roaches and superworms she eats them with no problem.

Arcadia t5 dessert 12% tube - more pictures below
The temperature gradient is good, the basking spot is 100F, cool side is around 85 F.

Any advise would be much appreciated, thanks!


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You can try spritzing her greens with apple juice or they love bee pollen. Also, remember she is still getting adjusted to her new surroundings

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I see a stick on dial in one of the pics, is that how your getting your temps? Temps need to be taken with a digital probe thermometer. Those dails are highly inaccurate. Even the infrared thermometers guns will be off 3 to 10 degrees and thats enough for their basking to be out of range. Also your uvb is on top ot the screen, the screen blocks a large amount of the uvb. It's workable but you may want to give her a way to get closer to it.
As far as greens, most all of us struggle with that. They can be incredibly picky about what they will eat. RangoRocky's suggestions are the most common ways. You just have to be diligent and keep trying.


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The stick on dial is just for ambient temps in the cold side. I do take basking spot temps with a probe and I also have an infra red temp gun. The basking spot is 100F, cool side is around 85 F yet she doesn't go basking although she feels cold to the touch. She has the basking platform which also has a gradient towards the UVB. The setup is on point yet she is not normal. I always put fresh greens in the morning but she stays in one spot and doesn't move. I don't know what else can I do..

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You said you've only had her for 3 week, she may still be stressed from the change of moving. Some beardies can be extremely sensitive to change, my male goes on hunger strije if i change ANYTHING in his setup, my first dragon was the same. Two of my females on the other hand seem to get bored and will explore and get energetic if i change theirs.
Give her a little time and see if she comes around, in the mean time, maybe place her in her basking and see if she will stay

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