Beer for My Beardie?

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Hello everyone,

I am a college student and have my beardie Fluffy up at school with me. All of my friends love him and think he's the coolest pet ever (as you all know beardies are the best pets ever). Every time I take him out they always want to get Fluffy in their Snap Story and want to hold him and such. However, I came home one day to find one of my friends pouring Fluffy some beer in a little bowl. He was lapping it up like water and seemed to really enjoy it. I just didn't know if him drinking beer would kill him or make him very sick.

Have any of you had any experience with this? Fluffy didn't seem to show any ill effects from it (not even drunk lizard tumbling around) but I want to make sure it's not going to kill him.


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You serious?
How long ago did this happen and how much was drunk?

Giving your lizard beer was an utter dick move, but you need to show an example and stop treating you lizard like an object of entertainment. I don't want to be harsh for the sake of it, but beardies seem to suffer more than most animals for being put in stressful situations just because the are usually more tolerant.


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This was a couple days ago. I was not at all amused when it happened. I cussed them out when I saw it and want to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Perhaps I should've made it more clear in the post that I wasn't amused by it and I was more concerned for his health.


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I'm sure you are concerned, I'd keep an eye on him, it doesn't sound like it's caused a major issue.

I think my point was more about how your friends view the lizard, it sounds like he gets passed around a bit. I just think it's worth bearing in mind as robust as bearded dragons are, the can still stress, also looking at your other thread, it looks like his health isn't the best.

Sorry, not meaning to lecture, it's all out of concern for the lizard.


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I've debated locking his tank, but I don't think this should be an issue going forward. He doesn't get passed around per se since nobody wants to touch him. I'm always telling people if they want to hold him/pet him they have to wash their hands before/after. I'm almost always the only one handling him as it should be. Any time he doesn't want to be picked up, I put him back down and leave him alone. I never handle him unless I see his poop on the floor.

He has been in remarkably good health over the years and he's never had any health issues other than this recent tail issue. He acts like it's not even an issue; everything is perfectly fine other than the bump on his tail.

I understand your lecturing and fully appreciate your concern. Please don't get the impression I'm an irresponsible owner or that I force him into anything; that'd be scummy if I did.
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