Been Fighting Pinworms for 3 Months. Advise/Experience

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Perfect lighting/heat with 3 month old Mega Ray, Collard/mustard greens, crickets, silkworms and everything else good. She (Roxy) has just turned one year old, 533 grams and 20" long. What do you all think?

Panacur Dosage:
Acidophilus every/everyother day. Panacur once a day for 3 days straight with a two week break then the same. skipped 2 1/2 weeks and tried (was sold on) reptaid (10 days) with nothing but BAD side effects. Then waited 2 weeks and started panacur again. 3X per week with a 2 week break.

Today was the first dose of "once per week" (panacur). Acidophilus every/everyother day.

Could there be another parasite the vet is missing? Should I try something else besides Panacur. Or could she just be so week? When diagnosed, the vet said she was "completely infested". Does anybody have a similar experience or good advise?

Med's taken so far:

Panacur 3x per week, skipping 2 weeks between (12 doses) 1 dose of "once per week".

10 doses of ReptAid



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Trevor took ages to recover from parasites when he was treated and he got really lethargic, stopped eating and seemed to prefer not to bask at all.
He was badly infested and had courses of panacur, baytrill, baycox and flagyll one after the other, all of which can knock their systems off balance. It took a lot of TLC and patience to bring him back to normal - keep up the acidophilus and get another fecal done to check the panacur has worked

reptaid did help Trevor recover but it wasn't the miracle cure it's advertised as.


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Does your dragon poop in it's tank? What do you use to clean up the pooping area? They can and do recontaminate themselves. I have only used Panacur to kill pinworms. What I do is sterilize their home the day they get the first dose, then I minimize tank accessories to easy to sterilize things. You need to keep them in a clean environment to keep recontamination down. If you do this and still have issues, it could be because the dosage is to low or your dragon was just full of pinworms. The meds only kill the live worm so that is why you have to give weekly. The eggs need to hatch and meds given to kill the baby pinworms before they turn into adults and lay more eggs.

I had issues with Semi when I got him years ago. He was infested so bad and the vet at the time had me give him 3 doses in a row and one dose every two weeks. Didn't work, when I minimized his tank, went to one dose weekly for 4 weeks, it killed all the worms and his fecal was clean.


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I give her daily baths so she poops in there. Also, I'm sure to clean her well afterwards before putting her back into her cage. I also sterilize her cage with bleach/water every other week and when she does poop in the enclosure. The vet did say she was completely infested.


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When Trevor was badly infested I sterilised his viv with a steam cleaner every day - once a fortnight isn't really enough, I still sterilise once a week when he is clear of parasites


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You can use nolvasan for daily wipe downs (available on for very cheap). It is a medical grade sterilizing solution used by vets for sterilyzing their tools. Also, how much does your dragon weigh? This is the first failure i have heard of with Reptaid. Were you using reptaid or Reptaid XL and what dosage? Just wondering. Also, make sure you minimize the "furniture" in the tank. take everything out except a basking platform. use the nolvasan solution for cleaning. And give your dragon a few weeks of no medication to see if its system can catch up. Dont know if you have tried it but try 2 or 3 weeks of just accidophilus. that may help things as im sure her natural gut parasites are pretty devastated at the moment as well which can hurt their immune system.
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