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beardies front arm is limp & not using it to walk


Hi, i already have a vet appointment set up but am very worried . When I woke up yesterday I noticed that my bearded dragon was not using her right arm when walking she was lifting it . She did fall out of her hammock and so I thought maybe it was broken and instantly called the vet. But my friend said it seems more like a sign of md or or mbd.

Today I noticed she is still able to love the arm & lift it would she be able to do that if it was mbd?

Also if it is MBD is this reversible or is her arm gonna forever be like that :(

Thank you!


Original Poster
i am using the reptisun 10.0 t5 uvb tube in a 24” fixture & it has a reflector on the fixture.

If it is MBD would she be able to move it completely again?

I noticed she is moving it more today & trying to use it , but still struggling a bit.


BD.org Sicko
Make sure the UVB is correctly placed - where do you have it? top of screen or inside the tank -- if the screen is a wide hole type it can sit on top but it MUST be wide holed if its a fine screen like a screen door it needs to go inside the tank --- when you tell me what type I can tell you distance then - are you using a hammock in the tank ?
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