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Hello everyone,

for the past few days I've been noticing my beardie rubbing his left nostril. There was something white sticking out, which I thought was a booger, so I tried to take it out with tweezers but it didn't work. Today I saw him doing it again so I wanted to try again, but I noticed a difference between his left and right nostril. I'm really scared since I have no idea what's wrong, what could be worse is that it might be my fault by trying to take it out myself. I'm attaching pictures of both nostrils down helow If it's torn does it heal by itself? In my country we don’t really have vets that specialise in beardies..


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nose trumpets in da house!!! most of the time the outer ring of the nostril is attached too, but not always. as mentioned by @xp29, just let it do its thing and it will be fine.

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